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Bijou-Jaguar - Zoomerang! (1974)
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Gorton Hall

Chuck Ballard (70s)
Danny Brewer
Erick J. Murphy
Jamie de Seguin
Jeremy Willis
Jerry Fields
Jim Davis (white)
Jody Spencer
Rob Andrews
W. Paris

1. W. Paris, Jim Davis (white)
Gary (W. Paris) and Jack (Jerry Fields) are lovers who live in the San Fernando Valley, but there’s obvious distance in their relationship. Left alone at home, Gary flips through a photo album and finds a photo from a past lover, Chuck (Jim Davis), and he fantasizes about sex with him. In the fantasy scene, Gary sucks Chuck’s cock, they tumble to the floor to 69, and Gary tops the handsome brunet.

2. W. Paris, Jerry Fields
Gary’s lover Jack returns home from a business trip and jumps in the shower. He invites Gary to join him and they swap blowjobs.

3. Chuck Ballard (70s), Jamie de Seguin, Erick J. Murphy
Jack reads a letter from Bill (Chuck Ballard), an old friend who will be driving through town on his way to a new job. Gary asks if they had sex and Jack insists they didn’t. We then flashback to a New Year’s acid-fueled, discotheque orgy scene with Jack, Bill, Bill’s lover Marty (Jamie DeSeguin), a handsome brunet (Erick J. Murphy), a long-haired blond (Danny Brewer), a drag queen dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and two other men. Most of the action is cocksucking. Marty also tops a long-haired blond, and the long-haired blond tops Erick J. Murphy.

4. Jerry Fields, Chuck Ballard (70s)
Bill arrives at Gary and Jack’s place. Jack invites Bill to play tennis, while Gary heads to the laundromat to wash clothes. Left alone, Gary closes his eyes and fantasizes Jack and Bill playing tennis in the nude.

5. W. Paris, Chuck Ballard (70s)
Jack announces that he suddenly has to leave town on an emergency business trip and asks Gary to entertain Bill. Later that night, Bill wanders out to the couch in the nude. Gary, also nude, ends up in the same room and Bill convinces him to have sex. They suck each other’s cocks and Bill tops Gary.

6. Chuck Ballard (70s), W. Paris
Jack returns, only to find that Bill is still planning to leave for San Diego. He convinces Gary and Bill to join him for an afternoon boating, then engineers yet another “business merger” meeting that he has to escape to, leaving Gary and Bill alone again. They spend the day together, and at night end up naked and kissing in front of the fireplace.

7. Chuck Ballard (70s), Jamie de Seguin
Alone in the guest bed, Bill dreams of sex with Marty. In this dream scene, Marty sucks Bill’s cock, rims him, then fucks him. Bill wakes and tries to sneak away, but Gary catches him and announces he wants to go to San Diego with him. Jack then returns and pretends to be crestfallen that Gary is leaving him, but when the new couple walk out the door, Jack calls his business partner Phil and says that he finally made the merger he was planning happen.

Note: corrected aspect ratio to 1.66:1
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