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LoganMcCree tv- Logan McCree & Niels Winters
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I too was impressed with Niels Winters. He was a tender lover to Logan McCree. He bestowed many kisses, while he stroked Logan’s body and held Logan tightly. I could tell that Logan was enjoying it! Niels was easy on the eyes as well. With a handsome face and furry crack, I could look him all night! LOL!
As is usually the case, Bolko did a fabulous job of camera work on the rimming, and we got to see the inner workings of Logan’s ass! YUM! I felt like diving right in! Move over Niels! Interestingly, Logan asked for “Slowly and a lot of lube,” for the doggy style sex. I wonder if Carlos the giant left him sore? Aw! Poor baby! I thought it especially nice that Niels kissed Logan on the back with every thrust as he fucked him. So sweet! So hot!
When they switched to missionary position, Niels blew Logan for a bit, which is a nice pattern break from the usual suck-rim-fuck deal. He then kissed one nipple, then the other; Logan just lay there and enjoyed it! Then, as Niels fucked Logan, his hairy ass had an attractive little bounce to it that was pretty hot!

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