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Active Duty - Chip 1 (2001)
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Chip's Very First Time
Chip arrived for his first visit and was in full dress blues. This 6'4, 200 lbs Marine is all muscle and as cute as you'll find anywhere. We talk a bit in the beginning of the session and he gets right down to the business of jerking off. He's got a great sense of humor as you will see in the video. He even gets the best of me on one or two occasions (very clever) and puts me in my place (a rarity) at least one good time. During the session Chip tells me he has a surprise for me but that he wants to put his gloves and cover back on first.

He slowly slides his gloves on and his cover and turns around to show us that muscle butt. This is one of the longest, most erotic ass shots I've ever filmed. In fact, it was so long that I was wondering if he'd ever turn back around to finish off. But low and behold he does and he leaves his gloves and hat on too. Yep, he finishes pumping out his wad while wearing the white gloves and hat. This is a first for me and there is something tremendously exciting about it. Again, he shoots a very large load all over his chest, leaving me speechless (almost).  

Soldiers: Chip
Date: 11/01/2001
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