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TitanMen - Pacific Coast - Donnie Dean & Jesse Jackman
analoralcondomshunkshairymaturecross generation
As he puts away tools in a trunk by the garage, Jesse Jackman can't keep his eyes off Donnie Dean indulging in an outdoor shower as water cascades down his smooth muscles. Their eyes meet; Jesse walks over for a kiss, his massive body getting soaked. He sucks Donnie's hot rod, spit falling down. Donnie flashes his killer smile, the two kissing and grinding on each other before he swallows Jesse's big, curvy cock. Jesse grunts as he gets deep throated, Donnie's lips wrapped tight around his shaft. The sucker strokes his own boner, snapping it up on his abs. Donnie offers his ass, grabbing Jesse's huge pec as he gets fucked and slapping his boner on Jesse's muscular stomach (Pound my ass!). Jesse spits in his bottom's hand, Donnie using it as lube as he strokes. Jesse then bends over, his muscle ass getting pounded as his eyes roll up in his head. On his back, Jesse growls some more before the top coats his bod and pubes with cum.

1280x720p,  30fps,  2400kbps,  Run Time: 43:52
(Jesse was at is peak here as a mature hairy muscle stud)
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