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All Worlds - Colton
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This All Worlds exclusive that's the hottest thing on the blue screen has a video that's dedicated all to himself. COLTON FORD, is in every scorching scene, and see why he's the hottest man out there today! Colton talks to a magic mirror and discovers every sexual side of himself. In Colton's bedroom, he's paired with the very hot JASON LAND. The romantic Colton comes out and kisses and licks Jason's muscular body. Jason then unzips Colton's pants and works his mouth on the pretty pecker. Colton then lets Jason face fuck him. Jason gets his ass cheeks spread and Colton dives face first and darts his tongue in and out of the tight fuck hole. Time for the butt fucking and Colton has Jason sit on his cock for a ride before tossing him a scissor fuck and finishing up with dumping of loads of hot cum. The next scene has Colton as a statue who gets it on with GAVIN BRAUN and JAY ROSS. As Gavin gets his dick sucked on by little Jay before sticking it up his ass, Jay gets bent in front of the god-like Colton and has his ass rimmed. As Gavin throws a feisty fuck to Jay whose lying underneath Colton, Jay and Gavin jerk off Colton's manhood to a climax. The trashy Colton comes out to play next in a raunchy toilet room scene. ADAM WOLFE and ROB ROMONI join our hero with sex over the urinal. Colton whips out his whopper and Adam gets down on his knees to mouth worship it. Rob watches the two smooch and gets a woody. He joins the two over heated studs and down on both cocks at the same time. Rob then gets his butt munched by Adam while he continues to suck on Colton's dick. Colton wants to taste some asshole so Adam sits on his face. Adam then pops on a rubber and plugs Rob's fuck hole. The trio all pop a nut. The final scene has Colton finds his “tough, hard working” side as a gas station attendant. He's not only is serving BRAD BENTON'S car, but him as well. Brad knees before Colton and works his man meat with his wet mouth and lips. Other co-workers, JIM SLADE, TINO LOPEZ and hung dick CHAD WILLIAMS join in and we have a full-blown orgy with our star flip-flopping and taking the dicks up his ass like a pro. Brad flip-flops along with Colton and Jim gives up his manhole to stiff, throbbing cocks. This video is Chi Chi at his best! A must have for any blue- blooded, gay guy who likes his men to be real men!
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