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William Higgins - Adam Mucha - MASSAGE
SoloMasturbationJerked OffFingeringHelping HandsEuropean
Released 30/06/2019

Adam Mucha is a great looking guy who came in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off his body , hairy, body and lays on the bed. The masseur arrives and takes some oil into his hands and gets to work on Adam's back. The hands glide over Adam's shoulders as they begin to massage him. His neck and shoudlers are worked well by the expert hands and then they slide over his back. More oil is taken and the arms and shoulder blades are massaged. Adam feels the masseur straddle his ass as the hands work up and down his back. The underwear is pulled down of the ass exposing the sexy cheeks. The oily hands rub over the ass cheeks and onto the lower back. Then the masseur moves to the side fully removes Adam's underwear. The hands run over the ass and down the hairy legs to reach Adam's feet. Oil is applied to the feet and each one, in turn, is massaged deeply. Then Adam's legs are parted and attention turns to that sexy ass. Oil is dripped onto it and rubbed all over. The cheeks are spread to expose Adam's hot hole too. A hand reaches down and rubs over Adam's cock head as well. He moves onto his knees letting his ass spread naturally. The hands wank on Adam's growing cock, back between his legs, Then the cock is released and the hands spread that sexy ass. More oil is applied as a finger rubs over the hot ass hole as the cock is wanked again too. A finger slips into the tight hole and gently fucks as the wanking of the cock continues. The finger probes deeper into the ass hole as Adam's cock is wanked hard and soon releases strings of creamy cum, shooting it onto the bed. Some cum sticks to the cock hard as the wanking continues with the finger still deep in Adam's ass hole. The hands rub all over that sexy ass and it is fingered deeply after all the cum has been milked from his cock. Then Adam turns over and lays on his back. More oil is used to rub all over his hairy chest and torso as his spent cock lays on his belly.

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