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Gay Erotica of the Past 1 (1950s) mp4
1 hour, 13 minutes

Alan Lumy
Alan Parker
Bob Drake
Bob Johnson
Bob Watson
Bob Wilson
Chuck Kirchner
Dave Stubbs
Dub Keith
George Reichley
Gerald Homer
Guy Dixson
Guy Miller
Jerry Herman
Joe Juliano
Joe Petricella
Johnny Paul
Ken Connor
Lee Warren
Roger Cote
Rolf Wieser
Ron Taylor
Tex Montgomery
Tom DeCarlo
Tony Mortin
Wayne Clark
Wayne Johnston

Beginning with a scholarly introduction by a serious, bearded man, this compilation video offers a sampling of the many silent, black-and-white "smokers" that were made before the advent of home video and the porno explosion of the early 1970s. Collectively, the shorts are long on posing, tight underwear and muscles and short on any real full-frontal nudity or hard-core sex, but as a historical document of gay sexuality, they are quite fascinating. The first vignette features an over-accommodating man who invites in all who arrive at his doorstep. The film has innocence, humor and lots of shower scenes as well as a friendly free-for-all wrestling scene. The second short is set in late a 1950s/early '60s gay bar where sailors, cowboys and clones all have a hard time keeping their clothes on! "Cellmates" is the third film, and is best at the sexual teasing angle: an teen is thrown into jail and is "befriended" by a "daddy." In "Ben-Hurry," Roman gladiators find better things to do with their lances than simply killing Christians! The tape concludes with "Fanny's Hill," an amusing, hippie-inspired homage to nudity, free love ands pie-throwing!
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