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Titan Media - Stockroom - Daniel Michael, Aymeric DeVille, Alessio Romero
What secrets await in the Stockroom? In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits.
Scene 3 - After getting kidnapped in the woods, shoved in a trunk and taken to the mysterious stockroom, smooth, dark and handsome Daniel Michael is bound to a forklift and driven to a dark room. Waiting for him are latex aproned Aymeric DeVille and hairy Alessio Romero, two bearded studs. The duo fingers Daniel's bearded mouth and punch his bod, then suck the stud's gorgeous cock in an unforgettable display. With Daniel's big, thick shaft filling the screen, Aymeric and Alessio take turns shoving it in their mouths, feeding each other, spitting on it and whipping each other's faces with it. Daniel gets on his knees to deep throat the duo as they kiss above. Alessio pisses on Daniel, dousing his face and chest - which is soon covered in cum as the trio shoots.
Now bent over a raised skid, Daniel is eaten by Alessio while sucking Aymeric's uncut beauty. Aymeric then stands over Daniel to feed Alessio, who gasps for air. At the same time, the top shoves his cock in Daniel's ass in a memorable side shot. With his face planted on the skid, Daniel and his hot tongue beg for more of Aymeric's rod. The verbal Alessio plows away as Daniel's big dick grinds against the covered wood. Alessio mounts the skid and plunge fucks the bottom, then fucks Aymeric on his back as the bottom's leather boots are raised in the air. Aymeric grabs hold of Alessio's harness as he's fucked, pulling him closer. The three shoot their loads again, Daniel's smile lighting up the screen before he shares a heated kiss with his captors.

Run Time: 38:17
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