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All Worlds - Drill Bill Vol.1
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"Downtown San Diego is undergoing gentrification. With the new sports stadium and convention center, residential high-rises are going up in record numbers. And with each new construction project, there are bound to be hot and sweaty construction guys.

7:30 AM: Eric Hunter, Bobby Williams and Rocco di Niro take a break from their work, but instead of coffee, they decide they'd rather chow down on something else. They strip off their clothes and begin rubbing their cocks against their underwear. Bobby gets down on his knees, and begins giving Rocco, the young Italian kid with a sizable hard-on that bows down slightly, a blowjob. Not wanting to be left out, Eric joins in and forms a daisy chain suckfest.

Soon Bobby is gorging on the two young cocks, stretching his lips wide to accommodate both cocks. Rocco, getting really horny, decides that he wants a piece of the action and gets down and dirty and begins sucking on Bobby's meat. They keep trading places and stuffing their mouths with different cocks. Eric bends over the back of the pick-up truck and opens up his ass to receive Bobby's cock. Bobby, in turn valiantly takes the young Italian stallion's dick up his fuck hole in a three-way butt play. The boys plow away in synchronized rhythm. With their break coming close to ending, they stand next to each other against the truck and blow their wads.

2:30 PM: End of the construction day, Bill is taking off but Stetson decides to stay a bit longer to take care of some urgent business - the business of relieving his horny cock. Sensing that everyone has left the job site, he strips off his shirt and shorts and out springs his hard-on. Stetson is a handsome man with a chiseled face and a perfectly defined body. Enjoying the freedom of getting out of his clothes and releasing his manhood from the tight confines of his shorts, he strokes it slowly; relishing the sensation his whole body feels. He bends over and spreads his ass cheek for us to feast on, revealing a perfectly round, pink virgin hole. A butt hole so luscious we know you'd like for him to sit on your face. Not wanting to tease us anymore, he lets go of his jism, shooting big squirts of man juice up to his shoulders. A satisfying way to end the workday.

12:00 PM the next day, Bret Larson and Matt decide to try out the new double showers they installed the day before. After getting naked and wet, Matt decides to take the test one step further. So he gets down and swallows Bret's man hose, deep-throating the fine cock and sucking on the juicy man sack. Matt gets his own hard-on serviced, which Bret does leisurely, suctioning hard on the head of Matt's dick. Next, Matt bends Bret over and dives in on his ass, sticking his tongue deep inside the crevice.

Bret does the same for Matt, spitting on Matt's shaved asshole and sticking his finger in, prepping Matt for penetration. Matt straddles Bret's cock and rides it up and down while stroking his meat. He shoots a good load with Bret's cock still buried inside his chute. After cumming, he continues to ride Bret's cock until Bret is ready to shoot his own load.

4:00 PM: Monday afternoon, and Bill Ray and Matt decide to get ahead on the dry wall project. This gets interrupted because Matt has other ideas in mind - getting inside Bill's pants. Bill is a willing partner so he whips out his cock and feeds it to Matt's hungry mouth. Matt sucks away sporting an impressive hard-on of his own. Bill turns around so Matt can eat his ass, munching on it like a hungry pig. Matt gets his dick smoked on by Bill, who wets down the shaft with his saliva. Next, Matt sits on Bill's dick, while his own hard cock goes flapping up and down. Bill pumps Matt's ass hard, plunging it deep inside. Matt shoots his load all over his cock and hands, the Bill dumps his cum on Matt's chest.

1:30 PM: Wednesday, Kyle Lewis, Brian Handcock and Bill are back on the site. As Kyle and Brian drill nails into the wall frame, Bill imagines a dildo connected to the drill bit. Kyle notices the lustful look and moves in for the kill, with Brian also moving in from the back. They undress and soon lips are wrapped around cocks, as they begin sucking each other off. While Brian stretches his mouth wide to take both cocks at the same time, Bill and Kyle swap spit. All three get down on their knees behind each other for some really serious ass munching, with Bill sandwiched in the middle.

Finally, it's time to drill Bill. (See, it all ties in!) Kyle gets first dibs inside Bill ass, pumping him doggie style. Brian gets in on the action from below, sucking on Bill's cock. Then Bill gets drilled by Brian, while Kyle watches from the side. They do a round robin and take turns assaulting Bill's ass with their tools. The two shoot huge loads all over Bill's body, while he pumps out a load of his own."
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