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Lucas Ent - Inside Israel (2009)
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7 scenes, plus Behind the Scenes. 2 hours 53 minutes. 720p highest quality.

director Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

Baptiste Bremont
Bruno Jones
Carlos Caballero
Hugo Martin
Jay Roberts
Jonathan Agassi
Jordan Fox
Martin Passoli
Max Schutler
Michael Lucas
Naor Tal
Sasha Dov

The next breakthrough event in gay pornography is here! Inside Israel exposes the vast terrain of the country with an exotic mix of intercontinental men brought in to explore Israel and each other. Inside Israel is packed with an incredible nine pulse-throbbing scenes, with six full hardcore action scenes and three oral vignettes.

1 Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli

2 Hugo Martin and Jonathan Agassi

3 Bruno Jones, Jay Roberts and Sasha Dov

4 Michael Lucas and Max Schutler

5 Jonathan Agassi and Carlos Caballero

6 Jordan Fox and Hugo Martin

7 Jonathan Agassi and Naor Tal

Behind the scenes
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2 files