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Falcon Studios- The Crotch Watcher (1980) DVD (FVP005) (Re-Upload)
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'The Crotch Watcher'


Collected here are some early fuckflicks from Falcon - loops, complete with condomless fucking, outdoor sexathons and loads of loads. Think "horsecocked" and "cum-laden" and you're on the right track. Shot on film (pre-video) and a great shining example of the "good old' days."

"Boyhood Dreams: Falcon's dynamic sex duo, Michael and Phillip, encounter gym-perfect Brian Dexter in a man-to-man-to-man fuck-'n-suck bout that's got the well-oiled precision of a fine machine - a love machine.

The Crotch Watcher: Superstar Gordon Grant awakes, strokes his supercock to a climax of geyser proportions, then showers, shaves and dresses for work. Once downtown, Grant beelines for the action john in his office highrise, and there gives head to several big-prick encounters. Driving home after a day of hard-on work at the office, gargantuan Grant spots a willing Polk Street pickup, tightbodied, blond Chris. Back at his apartment, the swarthy giant proceeds to fulfill the young man's needs fore 'n aft in a pounding sexual encounter with double climaxes.

I Will Not Have an Erection in Class: Larry has a problem - he gets roaring hard-ons during class. So his teacher keeps the young man after school for a little basic blackboard discipline. But the tables are turned when cock-heavy Larry seduces the teacher, and teaches him a thing or two or three - mainly about deep-throating and ass-packing huge horny inches."

This particularly raunchy Falcon collection starts off with bulky-built, endowed sex god Gordon Grant as the Crotch Watcher. Grant begins his day jerking his meat to climax, then services a series of men in an office-building tearoom glory hole session in a parade of instant erections and jet streams of jism. Later still, the insatiable tower of manhood discovers Chris Burns and takes him home to fill his holes with his huge meat, ending with both men blowing two loads.

In Boyhood Dreams, Michael, Phillip, Brian Dexter, and one other alternate plugging each other's insatiable asshole with no one remaining the top for long.

I Will Not Have an Erection in Class finds Larry, a cute student, seducing his teacher with his 9 1/2-inch love pole. Engulfed with lust, the teacher gulps down the huge meat and eventually gets fucked over his desk.

A 60-minute, nut-popping video with very good production values and the kind of Falcon quality you've come to expect. A great classic full of non-stop action that's surely one of the better early Falcon releases, especially because of hulky Grant and the overabundance of hard dick.

Starring Gordon Grant, Roger, Jack Egan, Philip, Michael, Brian Dexter, Larry and Chris Burns.

Director:  Bill Clayton

A Falcon DVD.

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