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Boys Halfway House - Incident #187 - Delinquent's First Creampie - Alex
This teen got into a lot of trouble in order to be with us, and within a day of his residency, we all knew just why. He's a stellar example of a chaotic and disheveled life. It's a wonder he can dress himself, it seems. Unfortunately, this led to a lot of self-medication, and generally speaking this doesn't work well when cars and 19 year olds are involved. That said, he's one of the sexiest motherfuckers we've had the chance to rehabilitate, so each of his missteps will definitely bring about just rewards.

After humiliating him and showing this wanna be alpha male that he is just another member of the pack, he was introduced to my cock. I've never seen someone look so sad and scared at the same time. He knew what was coming his way. He took it, though, and he took it well. I was railing his asshole like it was the last party before Prohibition, and although he sure made some interesting grimaces and noises, he didn't beg me to stop. That cum dripping out of his ass at the end of the session was almost like a sacrament of his beginning on a new journey of recovery. Let's hope he makes the most of it.
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