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Odyssey Men - Ryker's Revenge
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It's a rare find to find an adult film with both a great story/plot, as well as hot actors who can perform. Men of Odyssey is able to achieve this tough job with this movie. A big reason is of course Ken Ryker, who has made his mark as one of the best performers of all time. Throughout the movie he is able to come off so genuine and natural that the movie as a whole follows suit.

Porn Superstar leaves industry! ...and horny cub reporter Joey Hart wants to know why. Hot on the mega-hunk's trail he interviews Ken's former on screen fuck-toy Logan Reed, veteran gossip columnist (and trouble maker) Christopher Dixon and hears a shocking tale of Ken fucking both Odyssey Twins, Gabriel and Oscar. When Joey finds that his hunky roomate, Brett Ford knows Ryker, he arranges a "chance" encounter at the gym. Brett then goes off to the showers for a steamy 4-way suckfest with monster cocks Chad Donovan, Zachary Scott and Odyssey exclusive, massively hung Tony Donovan. Ryker's lover, Steve Harper, is fed up with all the nasty gossip that's been written, so Ken enlists Joey's help and together they plot...Ryker's Revenge.
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