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Kink Video #185 Stud Feet
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Kink Video #185 Stud Feet

Release In: 1997

Duration: 1:18:48

Duke Tyler finally gets his body-builder barefeet worshiped
in a super hot at-the-office foot scene! Working overtime
he gives the office boy the honor of a lifetime. He allows
the lad to pull off his loafers, peel off his sheer socks
and smell his beefy, sweaty bare feet. He then decides to
indulge the boy more by letting him lick the sweat off of
his soles. Sitting at his desk and continuing to work the
boy lies under his chair licking, sniffing and marveling at
the beauty of Duke's butch bare feet. Then Tripp Doyle decides
to feed the neighbor-boy his gorgeous, masculine bare feet,
fresh out of his raunchy army boots. The kid is in heaven as
he smears his nose and lips into Tripp's soles, trying to suck
up as much precious foot sweat as he can!

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