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ChaosMen - 2330 - Colton Andrews and James Dawn RAW
Release date: August 16, 2019

Video Number: 2330

I feel like every other time James gets fucked, he decides the cock that is currently fucking him is the best ever. He doesn't actually say it in the videos, because it would seem like he is feeding the Top's ego, but he was very impressed with Colton's cock and his Topping skills and a couple time he had to tap out due to the extreme pleasure.

Of course, he loves sucking on a big cock too, and seems to get a bit more submissive when the other dude has a bigger cock. He tries his best to deep throat Colton, but his mountainous cock is a steep climb.

Colton is most interested in James's ass. He loves to rim, and he really chowed-down eating James' hole.

Colton sat on James' face while sucking on his cock. But he was soon back to rimming his hole, getting ready to fuck him.

James easily takes Colton's cock on his first insert. As usual, James barely touches his cock for fear of cumming. James gasped for his breath constantly as Colton hit all the right spots. I mean, how could he miss any spots with a cock that Colton has!

James has also really licked cumming in a standing doggie-style position. He has easy access to his cock, and he gets-off on making cum rain down on us.

Colton also gives him a nice creampie, filling his Boy up with his load.

He then straddles James' face, making him clean his cock, while Colton eats the cum out of his hole!
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