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Falcon - Drenched 2 Soaked to the Bone (2003) 2-DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondomsbeachoutdoors
Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Alex LeMonde
Bobby Williams
Cade Devilin
Carlos Morales
Chase Hunter
Fernando Montana
Filippo Romano
Josh Weston
Matthew Rush
Trent Atkins
Tyler Gunn
Vince Ditonno
Zachary Pierce (brown)
Colby Taylor - Non-sexual role

Feel the sun and the surf flowing over you in a tropical paradise as you follow the erotic exploits of 13 stunning men--including Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush, Falcon legend Chase Hunter, Josh Weston, Tyler Gunn, Carlos Morales and many more--devoted to indulging every hot hard urge.

On the beach, in the jungle and in the bedroom you'll experience some of the hottest sexual encounters ever recorded in Part 2 of this sun-soaked, surf-drenched epic. When these Falcon men have had their way, you'll be soaked to the bone!

Disk 1, feature
Disk 2, bonus extras — video diary, deleted footage

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