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Cocksure Men - Appletini - Bo Dean and Tory Mason (720p)
Appletini starring Cocksure Men Exclusive porn star BO DEAN and Tory Mason. What make this scene special is tattooed muscle god Bo Dean plays leather-clad bartender and he fucks Tory Mason in front of a crowd with some audience participation! Porn studios and websites should produce more gay public sex videos like this one. It’s hot and different.

Young and preppy Tory Mason walks into a butch bar and asks for an “Appletini” from leather-clad bartender Bo Dean. Bo hands him a beer and says, “Here’s your Appletini. Can I get you anything else?” Tory replies, “Yeah, you!” and is quickly dragged onto the counter. They suck each other’s cocks on the bar before moving to stairs with bar patrons close by. Bo fucks Tory’s face through a platform railing before he bends Tory over a bar table and fucks his hot hole. With both hot studs oblivious to the men standing around watching them, Tory’s ass greedily gobbles up Bo’s cock. Bo and Tory take the action outside to a small stage where a crowd gathers to watch. Bo turns up the heat and pounds Tory furiously until they both cum on Tory’s abs. A real crowd pleaser, for sure.

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