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Cadinot - Le Garçon près de la Piscine
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Le Garçon près de la Piscine.

English title: Touch of Magic (1986)

Studio: JD Cadinot.
First release: 1986.
Running time:56mins.42s.        
Eighteen and gorgeous, but all alone on a sumptuous estate, the guy by the pool is getting bored. His only contact with the outside world is the postman who delivers his gay magazines.

The classified ads and chatlines help guys hook up; with three on the line the tension mounts, the pleasure couldn't be any stronger.

A strange advert intrigues him, so he responds. The postman delivers a curious package, and the pleasure is everything he'd been waiting for!

A delicate film, funny, imaginative, with an ending one must never reveal.

Michael Alban, Didier Bertin, Patrick Jouvin, Klaus Keller, Patrick Serre, Alain Garnier, Hank Reisner, Yannick Baud


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Bumped in memory of our friend and colleague Kriss8 who sadly passed away 2 years ago today on 8th December 2016. RIP.

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