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BeefCake Hunter - Stormy Night Threesome / Justin and Kyle
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Stormy night threesome with Beefcake Justin and Beefcake Kyle happened on a Friday evening after they both finished their daytime jobs, we agreed on a specific time, but Justin arrived hours earlier. While we were waiting for Kyle, we decided to have a couple of beers, well, Justin is always up to have fun at BeefCakeHunter Land lol. Kyle got complicated with overtime at work and arrived a little late to the fun

While I have both these legends at the couch, I tried to make Kyle feel more comfortable and talked about some adventures I had with Justin when he was in Miami several months ago. On the other hand, Kyle tried to be more cooperative by giving up watching his own porn material that he brings every time we shoot; it is the only x rated video that help us get him in the mood.

Everything started fine, I have been doing this for a while now and I know these Beefcakes are used to having my undivided attention. I noticed that it was kind of awkward for Kyle sharing such an intimate moment, so I decided to start with him

While Justin was already in the zone, Kyle had troubles getting on with this different video plating. So, we had to stop and he played his own material, at that point Justin was already hard and I wouldn’t let pass the opportunity to give him a blow job.

When I decided to make them stand up, a storm broke over the city, that is why I named this video Stormy night threesome lol, and again I decided to start with Kyle, this time with the help of his own porn I was able to get both of them into the zone, receiving a nice face fuck from them… hmm.

For the fuck scene, I kept them apart at first, having Kyle sitting watching his video while Justin was fucking me standing up and then on the table, at moments we were able to get Kyle’s attention lol, my moaning was intense… Then I got on my knees to suck Kyle to get him really hard so he can pound me in the same position, which feels really good, but when I was feeling that I was losing him, I got Justin to take a turn in the fucking and that was how I did it, making them take turns. Then we went to the couch and I had Justin fuck me doggy while I was sucking Kyle, I knew at that point that was the most I could get from him at this time. It has been a long journey to get him get comfortable at the BCH arena and I did not want to scare him with this Stormy night threesome scene… lol

For the finale I made them stand up again and synchronized my oral service. I did my best to squeeze the cum out of these big cocks at once, surprisingly Kyle busted his nut first, then a minute or two later Justin. Kyle demanded me to take the last drop of his dick… lol… after this cum-shower Justin sent me to the shower lol. I hope you guys enjoy this video Stormy night threesome!
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