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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Oleg Hubert - HOT ASS
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Released September 4th, 2018.

1080p version.

Oleg Hubert is such a handsome and very sexy straight guy. He looks so good as he sits and wanks his cock. Tucking the cock back into his underwear he raises his legs and bares his hairy ass. Oleg reaches for the ass and pulls on the cheeks to spread them well and show off his hot, hairy, hole. As he does so a helping hand arrives and soon drips oil onto Oleg's balls and rubs it down onto that sexy ass. The oil is rubbed all over that ass and onto the cock and balls too. Oleg's hole is stretched as the cheeks are pulled further apart. His cock is wanked too and more oil is applied. With the cock growing as it is wanked his balls are stretched too as a hand wraps around them. Oleg hold his legs in the air as a finger starts to probe his hot hole. The finger slides deep into his tight ass and begins to fuck it. That ass looks so good as the finger works the hole and the oil makes the hair stick to the cheeks. A toy in the used, sliding deep into Oleg's ass and fucking it. He feels it as it goes deep inside and then comes out again. That toy is pushed back into the hole and starts fucking again. Oleg then turns over, onto his knees, still showing that hot ass. The toy rubs up and down the awesome ass crack. It works back into the tight hole, fucking it deep. Then the toy is discarded in favour of a finger sliding back into the hot hole. The finger fucks hard and fast in that ass, with Oleg feeling every thrust, as his cock is wanked too. That fat cock is wanked down between Oleg's legs as his hole is used. Then he turns over and leans back in the chair. HIs cock is wanked some more, this time the wanking gets even harder. With the hands working hard on that big cock Oleg soon releases his flying cum. It shoots all over his hot body and then the cock is milked dry. What a very hot guy with a great scene.
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