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BrokeStraightBoys - Cameron Michaels Fucking Grey Donovan Like He Means It (1080p)
Released May 3, 2019

Cameron Michaels is still figuring out what his limits are and what’s most challenging to him, and were sure he’ll get that figured out soon, but in the meantime we wanted to give him some more practice and Grey Donovan is his lucky partner for that today! After these guys go down on each, giving head and tasting those sweet pricks as they get harder and fatter, Grey climbs onto Cameron’s lap and straddles him, spreading his ass and letting Cameron’s cock inside of him.

Grey gets it balls deep and starts fucking himself with Cameron’s thick member, moving his hips back and forth as Cameron holds Grey’s hips and watches that cock bounce. They take it to the floor next as Grey gets on all fours and Cameron fucks him raw and hard from behind, smacking that ass and then pulling out to let Grey suck it some more, tasting his own ass on Cameron’s hard cock.  Cameron yanks on his own cock, still slick from Grey’s mouth and ass, until the cum spills from the tip of his dick and Grey moves forward to shoot his load on Cameron as both these guys ride out their waves of pleasure.
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