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Double Time 2 (2009) Active Duty mp4
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director Dink Flamingo

D.J. (Carlton)

Dorian's the epitome of the USMC recruiting poster. He is teamed him up with the blonde, wild boy Chaz. You're gonna flip your lid when you see Dorian cum while he's riding Chaz's hammerhead. Cash finally crosses the line a little further and sucks a cock for the first time and what a cock it is. He chooses Randy for his first cock to suck and we all know how big and hot that cock is. Cash gets into it like he's waited all his life for it and Randy is so into Cash that he bends over and bottoms for Cash. DJ gets a wish granted with Gage. They smoke the screen and the chemistry between them is enough to cause an explosion.

1. Chaz, Dorian

2. Cash, Randy

3. D.J., Gage
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