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Cazzo - Hard At Work
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Hard-working guys all bursting with energy need to let off steam sometimes. They can always fit a fuck in their schedules. In the morning, Aybars, dark and hairy, screws his cute boyfriend. A little later, on his way to work, Aybars ends up spreading his own cheeks for a hot muscle stud. While on a cigarette break, Lutz gets picked up by Edward – who rams his monster cock into Lutz‘ mouth and man-pussy. Aaron, a blonde real estate agent, gets plowed by two workmen, and Felix gets manhandled by leather studs. White-collar workers need it hard and dirty! Hard At Work: the brand new gay porn office report in rough Cazzo style.

Aybars, Leo Helios
Aybars, dark and hairy, has just awakened to find his adorable lover Leo wiggling his butt towards him. That’s something Aybars can’t resist, so he starts rimming Leo. The blonde cutie slowly wakes up and obediently takes a face-fucking. Aybars then fucks Leo’s brains out doggie style, after which Leo takes a ride on Aybars’ rod. Moments after shooting his load, Aybars slips quickly his suit on and rushes off to work.

Edward Fox, Lutz Phoenix
Office stud Lutz steps outside for a smoke, where he runs into gay porn star Edward Fox, who immediately gropes Lutz. Opposites attract: leather jacket meets business suit. Edward lures Lutz to an old warehouse and rams his monster cock all the way into Lutz‘ mouth and man-pussy. The cock-hungry suit is eager to give up his sturdy ass.

Aybars, Breno Lopez
Aybars drives into his company’s underground garage, but warehouse worker Breno’s car is blocking his way. Aybars quickly relaxes after a glance at Breno’s quivering muscles. With his hairy bubble butt hungry for cock, Aybars can’t pass up this opportunity. And gay porn star Breno’s the right man for the job. This studly fucker with a body of steel rams his hard tool into Aybars’ hole with gusto.

Aaron Mark, Harley Everett, Sergi Serrano
Aaron, a gay and blond real estate agent, puts on airs while inspecting a property. Harley and Sergi, two strapping construction workers, are not impressed. They’re horny and Aaron is just what they need. Harley, covered in tattoos, and Sergi, a brawny Spaniard, cram their cocks into Aaron’s mouth. Then it’s his sweet ass’ turn. The two ruffians ride Aaron hard – both his holes get a continuous workout.

Ashton Sorensen, Felix Barca, Marco Jovovic
Gay porn star Felix Barka is looking for the right entrance for his business meeting. Ashton is happy to show him what’s what. But instead of taking Felix to an office, he lures him to a storeroom where Ashton’s buddy Marco is lying in wait. The two of them really make Felix sweat before shooting their loads onto his beefy chest.

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