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Backstage Fan Fisting (Fisting Central) {2019}
Meet the men of ‘Backstage Fan Fisting’ who take the ultimate fan experience, to a whole other level. Join fetish director Tom Moore his cast of four gaping studs, to get a taste of what it's like to get wrist deep inside your favorite stars. Alex Killian shows up backstage after a sex performance by D Arclyte in the hopes of getting some action himself. D fulfills his fans fantasy and goes deep in the horny stud until Alex oozes out a creamy load of jizz. After having his dreams come true, Alex is ready to please D and starts by licking his ass. When D is opened up, Alex goes forearm deep into his sex idol until both studs drain their balls to satisfaction. Drew Dixon is Devin Franco's biggest fan and when Devin finds Drew in his dressing room sniffing his used underwear, Devin will do anything it takes to get the apparent stalker to leave. Drew bends over to let Devin slide his hand up his ass and gets fist punched with alternating arms until Drew blasts a giant load all over himself. The super fan still refuses to leave Devin alone until he gets to fist his idol. Drew agrees and after getting a nice taste of Devin's gaping hole, Drew shoves his fist inside and alternates fists rapidly. Devin is ready for the ultimate challenge and rides Drew's clenched fist until he blows a load all over himself. Get the ultimate VIP experience when your favorite piggy stud takes you beyond the velvet rope to enjoy some 'Backstage Fan Fisting'.
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