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Sean Cody 1507 Coleman & Alexander bareback coleman & alexandersc
''Let's take your shirt off,'' Alexander said. ''I wanna check you out.''

I could see that Alexander was really impressed with Coleman. ''There is just something about him,'' he said. ''He has the whole �boy next door' thing going on!''

Coleman looked at Alexander and smiled as he took his shirt off.

''I like that you're all smooth, it's sexy!'' Alexander said.

''Well I'm a little bushy down here,'' Coleman replied with a blush. ''But I cleaned it up for you, I didn't want you to have to deal with a jungle!''

Coleman slowly started sliding off his shorts. Alexander went in for a kiss.

''So,'' Alexander said, coming up for air. ''You wanna fuck me?''

Coleman laughed. ''Yes...''

Coleman seemed very excited. I could see it in the way he manhandled Alexander and played with his ass. He buried his face in Alexander's hole.

''Your ass tastes so good,'' he said.

''So what do you think?'' I asked Coleman a little later.

''It's tight,'' he replied. ''It's getting me a lot harder than I thought it would!''

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