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So about once a month or so my sister comes over and she braids this dudes hair. Well for years this has gone on and we have messed around on the side. We have actually gotten to know each other and he’s super DL but really cool. He will come over and get his hair done and usually we can sneak off and bust a nut together. Well This time he comes over and he is dropping mad hints about how he has never been with a white dude. So of course i start getting ideas and i just so happen to have a white dude available that loves chocolate lol! I was able to convince Xander to offer up his raw hole to the both of us. We sent my sister away on an errand after she took his hair down. We were planning on just making it a quickie but she had something come up and never ended up coming back till late as fuck that night. He had to walk around with his hair in a fro but we took advantage of the time and we fucked all day and all night!
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