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ChaosMen - 2142 - Declan solo (720p)
Release date: June 4, 2018

Video Number: 2142

Declan is a sweet and intelligent dude.

He is straight but very eager to try new things. He and his girlfriend have been experimenting with toys, just in case he might end up bottoming. What an ass on this guy too!

And his cock is amazing too. Nearly 8 inches, and always ready to go with precum dripping. He manhandles his cock like a pro, and gives us a great show to entice us to come suck or sit on it. Pretty sure if he comes back, he will be versatile, so that should make everyone happy!

Declan has a bashful yet mischievous way about him in this video. At one moment he is the shy nerdy kid that hung out with the brainy kids, while at other times, he is a sporty dude that discovered he has a hot body, and he wants to tempt you to try it out.

I loved working with Declan and he will be back next week for some oral, and I booked him already to come back and do a full scene!
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