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FistingCentral - The Boss' Right Hand - Scene #03 & #04 - Seamus O'Reilly & Axel Abysse
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The Boss' Right Hand - Scene #03 - Axel Abysse & Seamus O'Reilly - Released 01-17-2019
Seamus O'Reilly and Axel Abysse are working on a report at the office commiserating about their boss when Axel notices the size of Seamus' hands. Axel doesn't waste a minute getting into Seamus' pants and takes his big hard cock all the way down his throat. Seamus' huge dick tastes amazing but Axel can't get Seamus' ass off his mind. Seamus can tell Axel wants his furry hole and bends over the desk to give Axel exactly what he craves. Axel gets in deep with his tongue and when Seamus is nice and lubed up, Axel takes it to the next step. He starts by probing Seamus with his fingers before grabbing a pair of gloves to get in deep. Axel lubes up and alternates his hefty fists in and out of Seamus' trained asshole, stretching it out and going wrist deep. Seamus loves Axel's fist moving around inside of him and takes control as he hops on to ride his co-worker's fist. Seamus bounces hard, taking Axel's clenched fist as far inside his hole as it will possibly go. Axel keeps fist punching Seamus until his rosebud comes out in full bloom. It's all that Seamus has ever wanted from a day at work. As an added bonus, Seamus busts his nut all over his own heaving body.

The Boss' Right Hand - Scene #04 - Seamus O'Reilly & Axel Abysse - Released 02-14-2019

When Axel Abysse is done destroying Seamus O'Reilly's hole, they hear the boss coming and run off to the break room. This time Seamus wants his fill and gets on his knees to take Axel's pierced, uncut cock down his throat. He chokes and gags as he bobs up and down on Axel's swollen meat. Axel has more in mind however, and expects Seamus to return the favor for stretching him out. Seamus happily obliges Axel's wishes and gets down behind him to eat out his hole. Axel has a tasty hole, but Seamus is eager to slide his hand inside. Seamus throws on his gloves and greases up his hands before his slides his full fist, deep into Axel's experienced asshole. Seamus gets almost elbow deep as he picks up the pace and alternates hands. Axel loves the attention his hole is receiving and demands that Seamus go deeper, faster, and harder. Seamus continues on until Axel's rosebud blows out and his loose sloppy hole dangles, completely destroyed by Seamus's probing fists. With Seamus still playing with his broken hole, Axel shoots a load from his extra thick and veiny cock, drenching himself as Seamus pulls out to give him a gentle kiss.
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