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To Fuck A Predator (2011) Jet Set DVD
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director Chris Steele

Andrew Jakk
Ashley Snow
Brandon Bangs
Jimmy Clay
Joey Soto
Phenix Saint
Riley Price
Spencer Fox
Topher DiMaggio
Rob Romoni, Chris Jensen - Non-sexual role

Internet sex fiends become the mark in To Fuck a Predator. They show up at the JSMBC decoy house to meet the hot chick (decoy girl Ashley Snow) they were chatting with online - and expecting to hook up with - only to be informed by Chris Jensen (Rob Romoni) that the only way they're getting out of his house is to get their virgin ass banged by a hot guy. Watch as they squirm, protest, cry and attempt to lie their butts out of trouble, ultimately giving in and taking their much-needed ass-pounding medicine. You won't believe how much dick they have to suck and take to get out of the house. Chris Jensen is on the scene and he is ready to snare you in a trap. Internet predators beware - karma is a dick.

1. Riley Price, Brandon Bangs
Internet sex predator Riley Price shows up at the decoy house in Burbank expecting to fuck a hot girl he met online in a chat room, but little does he know that the only one who's getting fucked is him and the only way he's leaving the To Fuck a Predator house is to take a hot ass pounding from hunky stud Brandon Bangs.

2. Jimmy Clay, Topher DiMaggio
Predator Jimmy Clay falls into the trap at the decoy house where he shows up fully expecting to hook up with the hot chick he chatted up online. His head spins when he realizes that he can't cry or charm his way out of the house, instead the only way he's getting out is to get fucked up the butt by super stud Topher DiMaggio. Jimmy explodes with Topher's thick cock plowing his Internet predator ass.

3. Andrew Jakk, Spencer Fox
Internet predator Andrew Jakk shows up looking hot and ready for some action with our decoy girl Ashley. Chris Jensen walks in while he's adjusting his cock in his jeans and confronts Andrew about his dirty chat. Andrew drops his "who cares" attitude when he meets the hung stud who's going to plow his cute blond ass. Andrew was all set to get banged by Ashley with a strap-on, but it turns out he likes dicks better.

4. Phenix Saint, Joey Soto
Phenix Saint gives Internet sex predator Joey a taste of his own medicine when Joey is snared in the trap set up at the decoy house in Burbank. After being confronted about sending nude photos on the Internet to a girl he never met, Joey meets Phenix and his hard cock that rocks his sweet butthole. Joey complains over and over while Phenix shows no mercy pounding his ass. Sex predator down!
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