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HotHouse - Full Release - Jason Goodman and Liam Harkmore
Liam Harkmoore has been cut from the team but James Goodman isn't ready to see his favorite teammate go. James says he can convince the coach to change his mind but only if Liam is willing to do him a favor. He gets on his knees between the young stud's legs, pulls out his huge cock, and sticks it in his wet mouth. He sucks Liam's monster-cock then stands up and shoves his big dick down Liam's throat. James fucks the kid's face but can't ignore Liam's big round ass. If Liam really wants to stay on the team he's going to have to give up that hole. James throws Liam on his back and slams his cock into his ass. He fucks the hot jock hard then pulls out and cums on his cleats. Liam grabs his own huge dick and jacks a load onto his tight washboard abs.
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