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Man's Best / All Worlds - Jungle Boys
As Jungle Boy, Eric Prince, bathes in a nearby stream, three guys are driving through the jungle when their Jeep breaks down. While one goes in search of water, the other two relax, get comfortable, then begin to make out. Meanwhile, Jungle Boy is walking through the jungle and meets Maurice Fontana. They also begin to make out and Maurice starts to suck and gobble down on Jungle Boy's cock. Then, in an act very rarely seen these days in porn, Maurice jacks Jungle Boy's cock to orgasm. It's a pleasure to witness one boy making another actually cum. Jungle Boy then begins sucking his Jungle buddy and watches as Maurice beats himself off. As the two share a post orgasm embrace, we cut back to Dino West's quest for water. He's being stalked by two more Jungle Boys, Kalib Mohamad and Anthony Pegasus. They take a fancy to him and approach him, telling him not to be afraid. The three boys sit by the stream and Dino begins sucking on Kalib while Anthony completes the 3-way by going down on their new found friend. Kalib has apparently found a latex tree somewhere in the jungle and is anxious to try out its product on Dino's ass. Kalib ensheathes and fucks Dino, who busily sucks Anthony's cock. Anthony strokes his enormous cock and spills his jungle juice all over his own belly. Kalib withdraws from Dino's ass and empties his balls all over that tight ass. As Kalib caresses his new butt-buddy, Dino pounds out his load all over Anthony's cock. The two other jeep passengers, Lex Harper and Nick Spexter, have partially stripped and Lex receives some expert oral attention from his cohort. At the last moment, Lex pulls his cock from Nick's mouth and spurts a sizable load on his stomach. He then opts to return the favor and sucks his friend's cock through his fly. Nick cums while having his balls licked and fondled. Maurice Fontana and Jungle Boy are gently kissing and enjoying some berries they found. Kalib and Anthony join them to advise Jungle Boy about Dino West, the stranger they had met. They take Jungle Boy to meet Dino who escorts him to meet his other friend, Nico Carter. The three retire to the jungle hut for a quickie. As Dino sucks Jungle Boy's cock, Nico and Jungle Boy make out passionately. Nico fucks Dino, condom-free, while Dino gives Jungle Boy a rim job. Jungle Boy nuts all over the face and hair of his rimmer as Nico mercilessly pounds his cock into Dino. Dino and Nico then jack themselves to completion. In a scene borrowed from ÒJungle VoodooÓ, Kalib Mohamed and Ivan Jakov walk through the woods and pause for a moment. Kalib sucks Ivan to get him hot and then gets a little oral attention himself before slipping his hard cock up Ivan's ass. Kalib fucks him until both lads cum and cum. Ace Reardon is tied to a tree and it's Jungle Boy to the rescue! While still bound to the trunk, Jungle Boy and Maurice give Ace a little more atttention then he'd expected. After freeing Ace, Jungle Boy slides his hard banana up his tight ass while Maurice fills his mouth with even more cock. Maurice cums and Ace licks his cock clean before jacking out his own load. Nico Carter and Eros Campanile are in the sex hut having some tea. The tea melts their clothes away and Nico gives Eros some head and then fucks him, busting his nut on his friend's crotch. Sonny Boy is horny and opens his fly to jack off. Jungle Boy spies him and approaches. Voyeuristcally, Jungle Boy gets turned on and begins stroking his big cock while watching. Sonny climaxes and Jungle Boy approaches, wanting release as well. Sonny sucks him for a short time before Jungle Boy beats a load out onto his new friend's shirt. Jungle Boy returns to the stream to wash off a hard day's grime and cum, then joins Maurice, Anthony and Kalib for a four-way. Anthony plows Maurice's ass while Kalib gives Jungle Boy some head. Anthony whitewashes Maurice's ass as Kalib pounds Jungle Boy's cock to a surprise orgasm that catches him right in the face… That's twice in one video that we get to see one boy physically make another cum. What a treat!! Maurice and Kalib finish themselves off to end the video.

Cast: Ace Reardon, Anthony Pegasus, Dino West, Eric Prince, Eros Campanile, Ivan Jakov, Kalib Mohamed, Lex Harper, Maurice Fontana, Nick Spexter, Nico Carter, Rick Hamilton,
Sonny Boy

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