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Beef Cake Hunter - Deep throating hung Christian
oral sex
Releaseed on February 14, 2018
Description - Deep throating hung Beefcake Christian was easy, his cock is perfectly shaped for that. So, I really gorge myself doing it in this video... a lot! Lol. Sexy hung Beefcake Christian works framing houses in rural areas where he is from, he has been in the construction field since he was 16 years old. Therefore, he has developed a natural sexy slim body. He just got his girlfriend pregnant, so he found me looking for opportunities to make some cash and I am very happy that we are there for him at this time, right Hunters? Anyways, it was not an easy decision for him to make. He made me wait a long time at the hotel where we supposed to meet. He had been down stairs just smoking some cigarettes to relax himself and maybe he was even getting second thoughts about the whole thing. Thankfully, he decided to stay and get serviced, and what a nice attitude he had about everything. He made the conversation very interesting, he jokes, he laughs, he spoke some Spanish... He was just so sexy, that I had to show the extra footage of the chat; where we can see his sexiness just filling the hotel room in that cold night. Of course, he was a little nervous at first, which is good, because that makes me work extra to get his beautiful cock hard. It grew slowly to the point of perfection, I know that some Hunters love to see that process, so this video is dedicated to you my friends! Once that tool got fully hard, Deep throating hung Beefcake Christian more than I usually do began and like I told him, I would do that the whole night if it was possible hahaha. His balls are also perfectly shaped, and they get their share of my affection too! And that cock head hmm, you can see me how playful I was with it, my thong, my mouth licking his cock head and leg at the same time it was just delicious! Honestly, I was expecting a bigger cum-shot but it was good enough and very creamy, maybe next time. After we finished the shooting he was so excited to come back the next day for the fuck scene, but I got the bad news from him the very next day: his gf found out about this and for now he won't be able to come back to BCH land for more, until things calm down. At least that is what he told me, and I really hope he is back, Christian is so sexy, and I would love to get his perfect cock in my back door lol. I hope you guys enjoy this video Deep throating hung Beefcake Christian and please cross your fingers, so he is back at BeefCakeHunter Land!
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