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SpankThis - Double Discipline (Adam Hunt, Jeff Sterne & Jimmy Andrews)
TwinksCollege GuysMatureFetishSpankingBlondsBrunetteAmerican
Double Discipline

Studio: SpankThis
Released: June 11, 2018
Running Time: 13 minutes

Models: Adam Hunt, Jeff Sterne & Jimmy Andrews


Adam Hunt has dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews over in the middle of the night for some some fun, the only problem is, mommy and daddy are sleeping in the room right next door! The dynamic duo are having such a great time they wake up Adam'd dad who isn't too happy and follows through with a slapping good promise he made to horny Hunt that'd he's tan hide! But, this time daddy has TWO plump asses to paddle with his palm and he takes delight in dishing out the porny punishment! Adam and his buddy Andrews BOTH receive a righteous rump rocking that turns their bountiful booties beet red! Daddy even lets Jimmy take a turn at the Helm and Andrews takes the job SERIOUSLY, delivering walloping whacks to Adam's already cherry cheeked behind! This double trouble, bubble butt spank-a-thon is TWICE the fun!
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