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Bijou - Schoolmates 2 -The Summer Sessions 1997
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Bijou - Schoolmates 2 -The Summer Sessions

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Featuring: Barry Berry, Freddy Sklar, Gerald Vincent, John Berry, Lee Carrol, Rick Compendrium , Ricky Compendium, Wren Carmichael
Categories: J/O, Blowjobs, Young Men, Sex, 1970s

Otherwise known as Summersessions, this Toby Ross sequel features leftover bits from Schoolmates. Young-looking men with smooth, thin bodies and big, firm cocks aid each other in their quest for a physical education. Includes: two men in a photo studio; the big-dicked Berry brothers seducing each other; two men (the narrator of this film and one of the Berry brothers) jerking each other off under the table while they're supposed to be studying, then moving into an ass-fucking session. "Short yet sweet (quite tasty, actually). Fans of cutie-pie hung youngmen will cream." - Keeneye Reeves

Well-photographed with a music-only soundtrack (except for the narration). Also stars Wren Carmichael and Gerald Vincent. 1977.



Bumped in memory of our friend and colleague Kriss8 who sadly passed away 2 years ago today on 8th December 2016. RIP.

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