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Alpha Males - When Straight Boys Turn
Starring Anoy Fox, Hung Joey, Kris Karlton, Mitch Milano, Adam Steel, Nick Zouki

Three straight boys – Joey, Kris and Andy..all horned up without a chick to root! Kris is taking a break from his girl, visiting his old college roomie, Andy and his little poofta brother Adam for a few days. Joey’s on a break from Uni and staying with his family and new step-bro, Mitch. He misses his girl! But luckily for all the straight boys – “it’s not cheating if you fuck a guy!”. Even luckier for Adam, Mitch and their fuck buddy Nick, who all get to experience the spunks frustration in a very deep way!

This is the only Anoy Fox video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Kris Karlton, Adam Steel.

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Original 9/3/2012
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