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Lucas Kazan - Hotel Italia
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Five rising stars and five hot newcomers on vacation on the Italian Riviera.
Dario, now a student at NYU, reminisces about his last Summer on the Riviera: the Summer he fell in love, the Summer everything changed.
Flashback: Dario locks eyes with a gorgeous hotel guest, Erik Kovak. Later that night, he wrestles with his best friend Ettore: the young men are comfortable with each other and soon find new, bolder games. Awakened by their moans, Dario's father, Pietro Cattani steams with disbelief, rage, sorrow and... excitement.
The following morning at the beach: while Dario and Erik exchange a few shy words, Ettore eyes hunky Marian and Andrea Albani sunbathing atop the cliffs. Attracted to blond Tiziano Cortese, Pietro struggles with his burgeoning sexual desires. Dario, torn by none of his dad's dilemmas, spies the blond, as he undresses in the dark.
The morning after: Ettore storms in the bathroom, as Pietro is shaving. Ettore jumps in the shower and seductively fondles his crotch; Pietro feigns indifference. In the lobby, the concierge, Daniele Della Valle and a handsome hotel guest, Marco Ramazzotti get carried away. Ettore spies on but is caught by a vengeful waiter, Roberto Volta.
Dario and Erik wander the village, longing for each other. Eventually Pietro gives in to Ettore's lust and to his own truer desires; Dario and Erik find their way into each other's heart and groin.
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