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HelixStudios - Even More Twink 3 Ways
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Even More Twink 3 Ways

Release Date: May 1, 2018
Run Time: 124 minutes
Studio: Helix Studios
Director: Alex Roman, Casey Roman
Country: USA
Language: English

Models in this Movie:
Josh Brady, Cole Claire, Angel Rivera, Kody Knight, Tyler Hill, Ricky Boxer, Noah White, Sean Ford, Corbin Colby, Blake Mitchell, Wes Campbell, Landon Vega


This well curated collection of cock is slam packed with our best butt banging, schlong throbbing threesomes! Filled with your favorite fucktastic Helix hotties, each hand picked piece of porn perfection has a different dreamy scenario with three times the porny pleasure. You'll find big dicked top Blake Mitchell going balls deep with two well endowed pretty boys after a spicy game of truth or dare gets good and gooey. Next, three sweaty basketball boys, including Tyler Hill (who has THE best butt on the planet) shoot and score thrusty three pointers while sinking their balls into the rim. Then, fantasy boyfriends Sean Ford and Noah White decide to spice up their relationship by "ordering in" on Grindr and hit the big jock jackpot with colossal cocked Corbin Colby! King Colby gets worshiped by the hog hungry couple and cocks both boy's butts like the bionic boner banger he's become famous for! Finally, beefcake Josh Brady teaches two of our newest naughty boys some manners as he manhandles latin lover Angel Rivera and Cole Claire's hot hind ends. Brady bends the boys over the couch while keeping Rivera's jock strap on an extra helping of hotness. Both boys then receive a thorough ass inspection. After the tasty tongue lashing-finger blasting carnal combo, Josh shares his big bareback schlong by sliding between both bubble butts until each bottom blows. Then, Brady treats Cole's caboose to a fresh, hot helping of cream pie! Rivera is ravenous and laps up every drop of the delicious dessert! Brace yourself for THE best dick dripping, train running, rim job giving, big dick fuck fest where three is never a crowd!

Scenes 1: Truth or Dare

Take Helix hotties Blake Mitchell, Landon Vega and Wes Campbell, add a game of Truth or Dare and by the third dare you've got a four alarm fire, ball slapping bareback, red hot threesome! Once the boys dare Blake to whip out his beautiful cock it's off to the races. This is is a gorgeous group and the guys take care of one another, making sure every schlong is licked wet and long. The boys suck Landon's beefy boner before lifting the lusty latin's leg's up and dining on his delicious derriere. Wet and ready, Vega eases his smooth ass on Mitchell's massive meat bareback, his own boner bouncing in the breeze. Campbell tags himself in and Blake moves his meat to the kid's wet mouth. Then Mr. Mitchell notices pretty boy Wes's waiting hole. He saunters up behind the beautiful blond and lets Campbell back it up. Wes moves like a charmed snake between the two studs, equal parts top and bottom and completely lost in rock hard ecstasy. Landon gets up and stuff's pretty boy's pie hole with his piece as Blake rails Campbell's can. Vega and Wes switch spots. Now with Landon in the middle of this sexy spit roast, every dick is cocked and ready. The sexy threesome unload and Landon winds up covered in white hot sticky glory.

Scenes 2: Wanna Join Us?

Kody, Tyler and Ricky head back to Kody’s place after shooting hoops. The game might be over, but the sexy, sweaty trio are still feeling playful as Tyler pulls Kody’s shorts down in the kitchen, exposing his irresistible, big dick. Soon the boys are locked in a triple kiss, getting worked up and ready to move the action downstairs to the bedroom where they can have some real three-way fun. Once downstairs, the rest of the clothes come off revealing three toned, athletic bodies. First Kody fucks Tyler’s perfectly round ass, then Tyler takes a turn pounding out Ricky’s tight hole. Finally the boys run a train with Kody bringing up the rear behind Ricky, while Ricky plows Tyler. Overwhelmed with pleasure, one by one the boys shoot hot loads of cum all over each other.

Scenes 3: Triple Trouble

Boyfriends Noah White and Sean Ford have a night off and are anxious to fill it with cock! Scrolling through Grindr they cum across cock jock Corbin Colby. Seeming too good to be true, they face time the stud to see if he's real! He is real, and also REAL HORNY! Feeling forcefully feisty, Ford calls out fuck commands as he watches from the couch and grabs at his ever growing groin. If you like dirty talk, this is definitely the scene for you. Ford's sexy voice mixed with some of the best and biggest cock and ass on our roster will make your dick drool. Sean is irresistible and the boys can't leave him alone for long. Soon enough he joins a hot tongue, ass, dick lick train. The boys really hit the jack pot with king Colby and Ford has been dying to watch his boyfriends hole get stretched by the massive member. He goes in for a closer look, basting Colby's big full balls with his tongue in the process. Switching places with Noah, Ford climbs on the colossal cock while nasty boy Noah sits on Corbin's fuckable face. Sean slams his hot hole down on the dynamic dick and doesn't let up, enjoying every ass blasting inch! Noah can't go long without a cock in his ass and the boys tag team his hot little hole. When Colby dangles his big balls in his face and Ford's cock is lodged deep inside, Noah can no longer control his cum! The boy blasts a big bounty that fills his bellybutton! Ford adds his seed to that and then some! Colby puts the cherry on top with a load more than worthy of his hefty swinging dick! White winds up covered in..... WHITE. It's a beautiful, sticky, sweet sight.

Scenes 4: 2 for 1

Two innocent looking, beautiful twinks with EPIC asses have been very, very bad. Cole Claire along with new boy and jock strapped kink lover Angel Rivera are in desperate need of pleasurable punishment. Big dicked ass master Josh Brady owns these two tasty tushes with a strong hand and a huge cock. He orders the pretty pair to take their pants off and bend over the couch for a thorough ass inspection. One couldn't ask for sexier specimens. Josh lays into each bubble butt with a heavy handed spanking, leaving a scalding red hand print on each boy. Kink lover Rivera's round rump winds up RAGING red, nearly bleeding from Brady's strong hand and our hot, latin spank lover just keeps on begging for more. After the cherry cheeked twinks feel they've atoned for their wicked ways, they service Josh's giant jock sharing the super schlong as though they're one wickedly hot unit. They tag one another in, sharing and switching it up all the while giving into their massively membered master's every desire. Josh moves between the two tight tunnels, soothing each sweet hole after the rough spank session with his tongue and probing fingers before he once again annihilates each ass with that thick, big bareback dick. Brady gives each young turk a rough ride on his raw rod; after all, he DEFINITELY has enough to share! Our kinky Angel gets to live out his lusty voyeuristic fantasy, jacking his long latin cock till it spits all over Cole's pretty face while the kid's hole is STILL being stuffed with Josh's giant jock. Naturally this causes Claire's cock to bust immediately. Cum hungry Angel is on it in an instant, lapping up the fresh load and eating every delicious drop Clare's cock has to offer. Brady waits to bust till his two twinks are sufficiently sticky and satisfied. He aims his huge hole destroyer directly at Cole's smooth, open ass. Then Josh adds a bit of bite, pulling out only to shove his wide weapon back in the boy's butt, creaming up Cole's well worked insides.
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