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1. Aaron Perez - Added: Nov 06, 2018

21-year-old cutie Aaron Perez is a self-proclaimed health nut who is into yoga, dance classes and cooking. He is very much into eating healthy and taking care of his body. Aaron identifies as gay and says he is into a man with a hot upper body. He says he likes chiseled muscles, incredible definition and nice nipples. Aaron got into the business when he was 19. One of the main reasons he loves it so much is the accessibility to all the hot guys. After the interview Aaron stands up next to the bed and begins stripping off his clothes. His nipples are perky and his dick appears to be rock-hard; but, still confined to his shorts. He pulls them down freeing his thick piece of meat and he begins massaging his cock and balls. Aaron lays back on the bed, lubes up his cock and he begins stroking. He rolls over and kneels on the bed with his ass pointed at the camera. Reaching for his ass, he begins probing his hole, working his fingers deep. Aaron gives his ass a good ol’ finger-fucking and soon all he wants to do is blow. He shoots a thick juicy load of cum all over himself before scooping up a taste of his own jizz.

2. Scott Riley - Added: Oct 09, 2018

Scott Riley is a 24-year-old hot stud who got into porn about 3 years ago because he likes to travel. When he’s not doing porn, you may run into him bartending in Ft. Lauderdale or PTown. Scott is currently single and having fun; but, can be bedded by someone with a dominant personality and if you have a beard your chances of scoring just increased. Scott enjoys public sex and admits that he would like to tie up a dominant guy and edge him. All the talk of jerking off has Scott horny. He stands up and strips off his shirt. Standing there only in his black shorts we get to enjoy Scott’s ripped torso, muscular legs and arms. He strips off his shorts, his cock is rock-hard and he reaches for the lube. He grabs his lubed-up cock and starts jacking it with one hand and pulling on his balls with the other. Scott turns and bends over in front of the camera. His fingers immediately start probing his asshole while he continues jerking his cock. Between the finger-fucking of his ass and the constant whacking of his dick, Scott is soon breathing really loudly and his cock starts squirting jizz all over his abs.

3. Cameron Hardy - Added: Oct 02, 2018

Cameron Hardy is one hot stud who is currently in school studying law enforcement and as we discover, lost his virginity to a TV Remote. He strips off his shirt exposing his tight, lean physique. Cameron turns his backside to the camera, slips down his shorts and gives us a little peek at his ass. When he turns back around and he drops his shorts his cock is raging rock-hard. He licks the palm of his hand and starts rubbing his thick, long dick. In short order, Cameron is bent over the chair, legs spread wide and his fingers are making their way in and out of his tight, furry hole. He settles back into the chair and focuses on working his cock. One hand grabs at his nuts as the other hand pleasures his thick piece of meat. Cameron’s cock suddenly seems to get really long and really hard. His balls almost disappear and then this stud starts squirting hot sticky jizz all over himself. He puts his cum-soaked hand up to his lips and tastes his own saltiness just as the camera fades out.

4. Titus Snow - Added: Sep 25, 2018

22-year-old Titus Snow comes out of his shell during his interview and not long after he is standing in front of us wearing only his underwear. He spins around and pulls down his shorts showing off his tight bubble-butt. He turns back to the camera and not surprisingly, his cock is rock-hard. He grabs his thick, uncut dick and immediately starts jerking it. Titus lays back on the edge of the sofa, jacking his cock and fingering his hole. As Titus gets into the feeling of his hand masturbating his cock, his head falls back and a deep moan escapes his mouth. He kneels onto the sofa with his ass pointed at the camera. His fingers probe deeper into his hole and the sensations in his nutsack tell us he is getting close. As his breathing deepens his fingers slide deeper into his ass and his hand jacks his cock even faster. With a loud moan Titus begins squirting jizz all over his stomach and crotch. As he wipes the cum off his cock, he puts his fingers to his mouth for a little taste of his own sweet jizz.

5. Jackson Reed - Added: Sep 20, 2018

Jackson Reed’s personality shines again as he returns for some solo action after his recent and very hot action scene with Zario Travezz. With the interview complete Jackson stands and strips off his shirt. His torso and arms are perfectly sculpted and he stops to educate us about his three tattoos. Jackson continues by pulling off his shorts and underwear. His cock is standing straight up and he is ready to give it some attention. He begins playing with himself, rubbing his rock-hard cock and massaging his balls. Turning around on the sofa Jackson points his ass to the camera and begins fingering his hole. He surprises us, by reaching into a bag and pulling out a huge dildo. Jackson lays back, spreads his legs and slowly, ever so slowly, pushes the thick, silicone cock up his ass. He grabs his cock and starts jacking as the dildo hits his g-spot. As Jackson goes over the edge, his entire body appears to convulse and then the jizz goes flying all over the place. With a sigh of relief, a wink of the eye and a taste of his own cum from his hand, the camera fades to black.

6.Jonah O'Pry - Added: Sep 18, 2018

26-year-old Jonah O'Pry is a former radio personality and currently works in the audio-visual part of the media industry. His dynamic personality really comes out during his interview. We find out that he is happy being single and is interested in playing the field right now. As he concludes the interview Jonah quickly strips out of his shirt and pants. He immediately starts rubbing the huge bulge in his underwear. His very thick dick is soon poking out of the top of his shorts. Jonah sits back on the sofa, spreads his legs and begins pleasuring himself. His big, tight balls bounce with each stroke of his hand. Jonah turns around on the sofa, licks his finger and begins playing with his ass. The farther he sticks his finger in, the louder he moans and the harder his cock gets. He’s soon finger-fucking himself like there’s no tomorrow and that really gets him excited. He rolls over on the sofa, grabs his big piece of meat and starts pounding as his fingers continue playing with his hole. Jonah quickly discovers that he can’t hold it back anymore and is soon squirting a thick load of cum all over himself.

7. Jeremy Spreadums - Added: Sep 04, 2018

29-year-old Jeremy Spreadums finishes his interview, stands up and immediately strips his shirt off over his head. He pulls his pants off leaving him standing there only in his jockstrap. Jeremy’s body is rock-solid and it’s quite apparent that he works out on a regular basis. Jeremy lays back on the bench and begins rubbing the growing bulge in his jock. His cock grows harder and longer with each rub and tug of his hand. As he pulls off his jockstrap a glisten of pre-cum can be seen dripping from his piss slit. He wipes some with his finger, puts it to his lips and tastes the saltiness. His cock is now standing at full mast. The plethora of pre-cum is just enough lube and Jeremy starts pounding away at his cock. It does not take this hot stud long at all. As he lays back on the bench Jeremy’s nuts tighten up and he’s soon shooting a thick load of cum all over his perfectly sculpted abs.

8. Michael DelRay - Added: Aug 07, 2018

Michael Delray returns for a solo session and his cock is already hard as he finishes up the interview. He stands and pulls his shirt over his head. His chest and torso are perfectly sculpted. He slides his hand down his shorts and pulls out his long, thick cock. His huge nuts bounce up and down as Michael begins jacking his dick. Turning for the camera, Michael bends over the chair, spreads his ass and lets the camera in for a close-up view of his tight, furry hole. After a little finger play with his ass, Michael grabs one of his masturbation toys, lubes it up and begins pleasuring his huge piece of meat. He jacks his cock harder and faster with the toy. He can barely stay still as his body squirms with pleasure. Michael makes short work of his toy and returns to jacking his cock with his hand. As his balls tighten and Michael’s breathing deepens his cock squirts thick globs of creamy jizz all over his rock-hard stomach.

9. Jay Austin - Added: Jul 24, 2018

Jay Austin is a corn-fed hunk of a stud from Iowa; but, currently living in California. We learn during his interview that he currently owns a farm where he grows organic vegetables; but, would love to raise pigs one day. He strips off his shirt, exposing a ripped, lightly furry chest and abs. As he stands, the bulge in his jean shorts becomes quite noticeable and he offers to take off his shorts. Standing there in his jockstrap our producer tells Jay to bend over the sofa so he can get a good camera angle on Jay’s hot ass. Jay immediately gets into the situation, spreads his butt and starts playing with his hole. He inquires if there are any toys to play with and is handed a thick, red butt plug which Jay lubes up and quite quickly shoves up his ass. His cock is rock-hard and hanging straight down as he starts jacking it while he plays with the butt-plug lodged deep in his hole. Jay stands and turns around. He grabs his thick, veiny dick and after applying a little spit he starts jerking it hard and fast. Jay discovers another jacking toy, squirts some lube into it and slides it up and down on his dick. With one hand pounding his meat and the other hand probing his ass, Jay was quickly ready to blow. As his body tightens, his balls almost completely disappear and he starts squirting load after load of thick juicy cum all over his sculpted abs.

10. Sherman Maus - Added: Jun 26, 2018

27-year-old Sherman Maus wasted no time ripping off his clothes when the interview was complete. The first thing he did was bend over the sofa, spread his legs and his fingers begin probing his tight, furry hole. His huge balls were hanging and his thick piece of meat was already dripping pre-cum on the sofa. He begins finger-fucking himself with one hand as the other hand strokes his cock which is growing longer and harder with each stroke. Sherman settles back on the sofa and gets down to the business of working his tool. Every other stroke seems to bring more and more pre-cum to the tip of his dick. He reaches behind a pillow and pulls out the biggest, thickest dildo I think I’ve seen in a while. He lifts his leg and while he jerks his huge cock he shoves the huge dildo right up his hole. You can see the smile on his face as he buries the toy deeper and deeper. Sherman stretches and pounds his hole with the dildo until his nuts are ready to burst. He smears some more pre-cum into his lube and with the dildo shoved all the way in, Sherman’s cock starts dumping a thick, creamy load of jizz all over his chest and stomach.

11. Darin Silvers - Added: Jun 21, 2018

32-year-old Darin Silvers absolutely loves working in the porn business. He works out seven days a week and claims to masturbate at least five times a day. With all that working out and jerking off it’s a wonder he has time for anything else. Darin strips off his shirt and shoves his hands down his shorts. His arms and chest are perfectly sculpted and he begins tweaking his nipples and rubbing his chest. Kneeling up on the bed Darin takes off his shorts and underwear. His cock is rock-hard and his huge nuts are dangling as he jacks his cock and beats it on his abs. Darin turns around on the bed, bends over and spreads his ass wide for the camera while the whole time he continues stroking that long, thick piece of meat hanging between his legs. He rolls over on the bed, closes his eyes and his cock jerking becomes faster and more intense. As his balls disappear inside him Darin squirts a thick load of creamy jizz all over his rock-hard abs.

12. Orson Deane - Added: Jun 12, 2018

Orson Deane is 27 years old, from London, works hard, plays hard and claims to be quite versatile in the sack. He slips his shirt over his head and the first thing we notice is that he’s not shaved every hair off of his body. He runs his hands thru his chest and tummy fur, continues down past his abs and into his underwear. As he strips out of his pants and shorts his rock-hard cock springs straight up to attention. Orson grabs a bottle of lube, squirts some into his hand and he starts rubbing it into his thick piece of man-meat. He stands up directly in front of the camera, spits on his cock and begins stroking it ever so slowly. He’s in no hurry and his hand expertly massages his mushroom head as it plumps. Orson’s cock looks like it is all ready to pop when he let’s go of it and bends over the sofa. He spreads his ass and starts probing his asshole with his lubed-up fingers. He turns and sits back on the sofa so he can focus on getting off. Orson is jacking harder while his other hand is rubbing his chest and abs. He feels it building inside of him as his body tightens and with a loud moan Orson squirts a thick load of jizz all over his crotch and leg.

13. Robbie Caruso - Added: May 29, 2018

When we fade in on young pup Robbie Caruso, he has relaxed into a mound of pillows ready for a brief interview. We learn that Robbie is a dancer, loves stripping and most often you can catch him performing in Palm Springs. Robbie tells us his best asset is his hot ass and he quickly jumps up to prove it. He pulls off his shirt, pulls down his shorts and spreads his ass wide open. When he turns around and pulls his underwear down his cock is rock-hard and pointing straight up. Robbie climbs on the bed, bends over and begins fingering his hole. He gets his juices flowing and rolls over on the bed. He pulls his legs back, exposing his tight hole. His fingers go right to work on his hole, massaging and probing as deep as possible. With his other hand, he starts jacking his cock. Robbie has not gotten off in five days preparing for this scene. He’s obviously ready to cum and appears to be quite worked up. His balls are huge and apparently quite full because when this young man shoots his load, cum (and a LOT of it) goes flying everywhere. Jizz flies all over him, the bed, and it would not surprise me if it hit the wall behind his head.

14. Dane Stewart - Added: May 10, 2018

Dane Stewart is a 26-year-old tattoo artist by trade, loves his motorbike and works out when he gets the opportunity. We find out during the interview that Dane really loves having his butt played with so maybe we can have him back for some duo action at some point in the future. Dane stands up and strips off his clothes with the exception of his underwear. He turns, poses and shows off his tats and muscles as he rubs the bulge growing his underwear. Dane reaches into his shorts and pulls out one hell of a large cock. He begins jacking it and in no time at all the pre-cum starts flowing. He turns around, pulls off his shorts and straddles the chair. His legs are spread wide and he starts by shoving his middle finger just as deep in his hole as possible. After some intense ass play, Dane settles back in his chair and some very focused jacking begins. With one hand shoving fingers up his hole and the other pounding his meat it does not take long before Dane is spewing his sweet load of cum all over himself.

15. Nate Grimes - Added: Apr 24, 2018

Nate Grimes just finished working out before he stopped by. He said that he focused on his arms so we asked him to flex his guns; and, they were bulging. From that point it did not take much coaxing to get him out of his shirt. His body is absolutely ripped and he’s ready for one final work-out of the day, his cock. As the interview continues Nate is continuously rubbing his crotch. His cock is making quite the impression and looks like it wants to come out to play. He stands up and puts one hand in his underwear. He starts jacking his cock and strips out of his pants. His stiff piece of meat is roaring hard and sticking out the side of his shorts. Nate takes a long, slow sniff of his shoe as he strips totally naked. He kneels on the sofa, bends over and spreads his ass wide open allowing the camera to zoom in really tight. Ready to get down to business, Nate settles back into the corner of the sofa, grabs a bottle of lube and squirts some in his hand. He smears the lube on his asshole and begins working it into his hole. From out of the blue this huge dildo appears and Nate starts slowly working it up his hole. It seems the deeper he pushes it, the harder his cock becomes. He starts working the dildo faster and faster and before long Nate is blowing thick globs of creamy cum all over his hot stomach and chest.

16. Donnie Deen - Added: Nov 30, 2017

We have not seen Donnie Deen in a long time and when he showed up at our door he was looking mighty fine. He’d been working out quite a bit since the last time we saw him and he wanted to strip down for the camera and give his cock a workout just for us. Sitting back on the sofa, Donnie lifts his shirt while rubbing his crotch. He runs his hands up his furry abs and shoves the other hand down his underwear; grabbing his cock. Donnie stands up and pulls his shirt off. His muscular chest and arms look incredible and he commences to do a little posing while turning around to show off that hot ass of his which still confined to his underwear. He slowly pulls down his shorts; his hot ass just begging for a tongue to be shoved between those cheeks. As he pulls off his underwear his rock-hard cock stands straight to attention. He grabs his dick and balls with both hands and begins pleasuring himself. Donnie makes his way to the bed, bends over, spreading his ass cheeks wide. He teases his hole with his finger as he rubs his thick, hard dick on the sheets. As he rolls over onto his back he gets back to pounding his cock and it’s not long before he blows a thick load of juicy cum all over that tight furry chest and even manages to coat his neck. With a heavy sigh he scoops up his jizz with his finger and licks it clean.

17. Zeus Michaels - Added: Oct 17, 2017

Hot, hung and horny Zeus Michaels is taking advantage of an empty examining room at the doctor’s office where he works. He locks the door and lays back on the examining bed; pulling down his pants. His thick, long cock is all ready for some attention. He pulls on it, stroking it slowly as it gets thicker and harder in his hand. Pulling off his shirt, Zeus gets off the bed and grabs a tube of lube sitting nearby. He squirts a healthy amount onto his cock and immediately gets back to pleasuring himself. Do you want some of that hot ass? Zeus is definitely ready to give it to you. He gets up on the examining bed face down with his legs spread, his asshole open and ready for some attention. Rolling over, Zeus continues jerking his cock while laying back on the bed. His smooth balls are tight and the head of his cock looks like it’s about to burst as he squirts a thick load of jizz all over his chest and stomach. He’s not about to let any of that sweet goodness go to waste as he scoops up his cum and licks it from his hand.

18. Jared Kushman - Added: Jul 12, 2017

Jared Kushman is a 23 year old recent college grad. He went to school on a wrestling scholarship which explains his incredibly built body. Jared slips out of his shirt, his deep sultry eyes staring straight into the camera, never loosing focus. He knows he’s hot and he knows how to work what he has. Jared begins posing; grabbing his semi-aroused cock thru his underwear and massaging his chest and nipples with the other hand. His cock is rock hard in no time and straining to get out of his shorts. Lying back on the chair Jared lets his thick cock out of its confines and begins jerking it; his balls flopping against the top of his underwear. He stands and continues jacking his cock. Kneeling on the bed, his puts his ass in the air, pointed directly at the camera. He grabs a pillow and starts humping; riding the pillow and continuing to flirt with the camera. Jared gets himself all worked up and he’s ready to blow. He rolls over on the bed continuing to jerk his cock and he starts squirting a thick load of jizz all over his chest and abs.

19. Lance Hart - Added: Jun 27, 2017
Lance Hart makes a return to Badpuppy performing in a really hot solo; showing off that incredibly sculpted body of his. We fade in on Lance admiring the way he looks in the mirror. His white tank top and underwear are skin-tight and there is not much left to the imagination; his manhood already in a state of arousal. Lance slowly lifts his tank top, revealing his ripped six pack and rock hard pecs. As he slowly undresses, he keeps an eye on himself in the mirror. I just love a guy who can grove on himself. As he continues to rub his chest and abs, Lance grabs his cock and starts stroking. As the video continues and Lance continues to stroke, the more aroused he becomes. His body tightens as he gets close. His nuts almost disappear as his cock starts spurting a thick load of creamy cum all over his tummy and abs. His cock is sensitive after he cums; but, he squeezes the remnants of cum still left inside his cock onto his fingers and licks them clean.

20. Bailey Baxter - Added: Jun 22, 2017

23 year old Bailey Baxter is traveling, he’s stuck in his hotel room with nowhere to go and he’s completely bored. But he's horny, and he knows at least one thing he can do for fun. He stands before us caressing his body thru his clothes before slowly raising his tank top, to reveal a perfectly trimmed pleasure trail and a beautifully sculpted body. He’s not too muscular, but he does work out and takes care of himself... and it shows. He continues to rub his cock through his shorts, and then finally reaches down inside to touch the hot and expanding flesh. Finally he peels off the tank top, continuing to caress his taught body and admire his flexing muscles. He gets rid of the shorts, and as he pulls down the waistband of his briefs, we see that his perfectly trimmed pleasure trail leads to a perfectly trimmed bush. His hardening cock finally springs free of the briefs, and now Bailey really starts to rub and tug his manhood. He moves to the bed, kneeling in front of us, giving us a tasty view of his wonderfully sculpted ass and a tight, furry hole that is just aching to have a cock shoved in it; but, we’ll leave that for another day. He bends over and jerks off like this for a little while; teasing us with his huge, smooth balls as they rock back and forth to the rhythm of his stroking. My mouth started to water watching this, wanting so badly to give those sexy orbs a thorough tongue bath. Bailey then spins around and stands up, once again showing us his perfectly proportioned and toned body as he brings himself closer to climax. He finally lies back in his favorite jerk-off position, with a full manspread, and really goes to work feverishly stroking his cock. As he reaches his peak, we see his balls tighten up and he strokes out a tasty, creamy load all over that perfect pleasure trail. Spent, he continues to caress himself as he wonders what to do next. That’s when he remembers the huge dildo that he packed in his suitcase, which starts the blood flowing again.

21. Ian Greene - Added: Jun 13, 2017

23 year old Ian Greene is a lean, rock-solid young man who has only been in the adult industry for about a year; but, he’s already made himself quite a name. Today he’s making an appearance on Badpuppy doing a solo video for us. After the interview Ian does a little strip tease for us as he slowly undresses and caresses his hot, tight body. Rubbing his cock thru his shorts starts to make everything come alive. Ian stands up, strips off his shorts, lubes up his already aroused cock and starts jerking. Pulling his legs back gives us an awesome view of his asshole which he starts stimulating with his fingers. With one hand working his cock and the other teasing his hole, Ian’s eyes roll back in his head from pure pleasure. He reaches over, picks up a butt plug and begins working it up his ass while the other hand continues to jerk his cock. Ian rams the butt plug harder and harder, his jacking rate increases and with a burst of energy Ian shoots his load of jizz all over his rock hard abs. With a final parting glance he scoops up his cum with his fingers, tastes it and gives a wink to the camera.

22. Alex Hawk - Added: Apr 11, 2017

Alex Hawk takes time from his busy porn schedule of whips, chains and other forms of bondage to stop by and do a sexy solo video for Badpuppy. The interview complete, our young cub stands up, give us a few hot poses in his new underwear; but, it’s obvious that Alex is much more comfortable out of his clothes. His underwear comes off; his hard cock stands straight up, one hand starts pulling his balls and the other hand starts jerking his cock. Turning to the side Alex discovers that he can see himself in the mirror and it really turns him on. Alex turns to face the mirror and bends over just enough to give us the hottest view of him working his asshole with his fingers while jacking his dick with the other hand. The ass probing with his fingers and the cock jerking come to a head after Alex sits down in the chair. As his balls tighten; Alex’s head goes back, his body tightens and his cock spits jizz all over his stomach, balls and hand.

23. Casey Everett - Added: Mar 28, 2017

Hot stud Casey Everett walks into the kitchen in search of coffee wearing only his tight underwear. He checks his phone while the coffee brews and something piques his interest. As he stands there drinking his coffee; his free hand begins rubbing his already plump cock hiding underneath his shorts. Putting down the coffee; the other hand gets involved in rubbing his hot chest and between the two of hands Casey is getting quite turned on by himself. His cock is already standing at attention and when it’s released from the underwear it jumps straight up, waiting to be stroked. Casey’s takes off his underwear, leans back against the counter and as he continues to stroke his cock he holds his underwear to his face and draws in a deep, long breath. Turning around, he puts one leg up on the counter, spreads his ass so that he can finger his hole while he jacks his cock with the other hand. Casey continues to work both ends until his nuts tighten up and his rock hard cock starts spurting cum all over the floor with the creamy goodness running down his shaft and into his hand.
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