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Gayhoopla - Dirty Derek Jones Makes Forrest Marks Cock Explode
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Released July 6, 2018

Nearly a year since his last appearance on GayHoopla, power bottom extraordinaire Forrest Marks RETURNS!

Under one condition...

During his year away, Forrest still kept up with all the different GayHoopla studs that were roaming through the stable. One super stud in general though kept catching his eye, time and time again... That man was the one, the ONLY, Derek "Dirty D" Jones.

Long story short, Forrest hit us up and BEGGED us for Dirty D to plow his hole. We showed Derek Forrest's hot, tight ass in action and ol' Dirty D was simply lickin' his chops. These two couldn't wait to get at each other's man parts. It's so hot to see two guys that really, genuinely LOVE cock.
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