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Falcon Studios - FVP084 - Wild Country (1993) DVD
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Cast: Cliff Parker, Kip Harting, Alec Campbell, Scott Hardman, Chuck Hunter, Jon King, Alex Carrington, Mark Andrews, Mike Russo, Paul Edwards

Ah, the great outdoors! The clean air... the sun... the mountains... the solitude... and the highly unlikely probability of running into a gaggle of stunning West Hollywood prettyboys in full fuck-mode.

Unshaven wet-dream fantasy Cliff Parker is wandering the countryside looking for work (or maybe a workout?) The setting is some sort of construction/lumber site in the middle of the forest, where blond bodyboy twink Kip Harting is involved in an oppressive relationship with the sinisterly attractive trade Alec Campbell (who looks delicious).

Upon arriving at "camp" (honey, is it ever), Cliff stirs up feelings in Kip - who's dressed more like he's headed off to San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade than a construction site. Uh, I mean seriously Missy: What's with the denim cut-off go-go boy Daisy Duke short-shorts?

The first scene features the near-oral impaling of Jon King by Alex Carrington's oversized lovetool. They look great together, and when Jon screams for real as Alex's cock tears him up inside, no one is around for miles to hear him.

(Hey: if a stiff cock falls in the forest... oh, never mind.)

Later, the foreman has his way with Alec, who becomes increasingly jealous of Cliff. While Kip is collecting firewood, Alec bops our Little Red Ride-Any-Uncut-Hood over his blonde head with a beer bottle. When (s)he comes to, Cliff realizes Kippy has been watching him since he first got there (gee Cliff what gave it away: the drool?) They have a super-sloppy session together, with Cliff taking off the next morning for further adventures.

Despite the lame plot and near-hissy fits of fawning from the usually reliable Harting, the sex more than makes up for any distractions. Director Scarborough and his cameraman (the great Todd Montgomery) use the drop-dead location scenery to maximum effect. The final - albeit pointless - bathing scene is a real stunner (watch for Harting's "moon" signifying "The End"image. It also features one of Falcon's most eye-catching boxcovers ever.

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