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College Boy Physicals - Montezuma's Revenge - Grey Donovan
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Dude, I had an awesome time in Cancun this spring break but nobody told me not to drink the water or drink with ice cubes when traveling to the outskirts of town. I think it was this little cantina on the side of the road that made me sick...but I'm not really sure cause when I was there we were drinking pretty much most of the day and eating in the most random places.

When I got back to the states my stomach was totally tore up. Since school came back in session I ran to the clinic to see if I can get some relief. My first time at a college clinic and I think that the doc was a bit kinky or coo-coo...not quite sure... one moment he's checking my blood pressure, the next moment he's stickin' his finger up my ass and jacking me off to a happy ending.

April 12, 2018
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