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Goliath Video - Big Show Off
After long last, David at Goliath Video has made something new. This is a collection of nude fun; some camera whoring for online pictures, some j/o action with some nasty storytelling and some body shaving. Even a bit of nude yoga at the end.

Scene 1:

As usual, David greets the viewer with a friendly naked hello and a few words of what the expect - and a few examples. He moves around and poses, spanking his own worked-out ass to show off, then lays back still talking, as if you're lying between his legs, looking up at him. The first j/o scene is the gem of the whole piece - a bird's eye view from above of David rolling himself up onto his shoulders and cumming all over his own face, then talking intimately to the camera; quickly followed by an edited version of the same shot, but from the side and floor level. Big creamy cumshot all over his handsome face.

Scene 2:

Shower scenes are always sexy, and this beautiful outdoor garden shower enhances this scene. No cumshot but lots of fun soapy sexy activity, and a great toweling off. Then comes the shaving scene, made specially for those who enjoy watching a hairy guy shave himself, followed by naked dumbbell exercises and a shaved hole display ,with a full creamy cummy hand job.

Scene 3:

More posing in the kitchen - tan, lean and bearded, David models and poses around the white kitchen, on all fours on the tile floor, and squatting with a hard on. Another nasty story with another hot jerk off scene cums next, and then finally it winds down with some simple yoga film experiments in the desert - one sexy hairy man doing yoga outdoors amongst the mountains. As a finale, we get to see the upside cumshot again in slow motion. Altogether a pretty sexy collection.
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