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Raging Stallion - So, You Wanna Fuck
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So... You Wanna Fuck is a movie about our common experience. We have all seen a hot guy at one point in our life and fantasized what it would be like to just walk up to him and proposition him for sex. In this film, hot young men find themselves being asked "So... You Wanna Fuck?" and of course they do! These young men are horny little fuckers and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Filmed by Award Winning Director Gio Caruso, So... You Wanna Fuck is the lated edition of Raging Stallion's new smash-hit twinks. com video line! SCENE 1 - LUKE RILEY and CHRIS PORTER
We find Twinks. com Superstar Exclusive Chris Porter coming in for a much needed massage from the studly Luke Riley who is prepared to give him the ultimate experience. It is quickly apparent to Chris that Luke has much more to offer him than just the massage and after he rolls over on the table revealing a noticeable "tent" sticking up from under his towel, he asks Luke So... You Wanna Fuck?. The sex between these two is aggressive and passionate--just the formula for a perfect porn scene! SCENE 2 - STEVEN PONCE and DAVIN JAME
Steven Ponce and Davin James have shared side-by-side cubicles for some time now. One evening they both have to work late. Davin rolls over and faces Steven and blurts "So... You Wanna Fuck" and Steven does not hesitate by responding with his amazing sexual appetite for hot young co-workers. I wonder what the boss would say?. SCENE 3 - SEBASTIAN VALMONT and NATHANIEL ANDREWS
Sebastian Valmont and Nathaniel Andrews are a couple of friends who find themselves bored out of their mind on a weekend night with nothing to watch on TV. All those channels but nothing worth watching! Nathaniel says to Sebastian "So... You Wanna Fuck?" and fuck they do! Scene 4 - CHRIS PORTER and TRISTAN STERLING
Chris Porter is in the shower thinking he is all alone as he begins to stroke his cock. Meanwhile, Tristan Sterling comes into the locker room and begins watching Chris. He starts stroking his own cock. The two lock eyes and Tristan says "So... you wanna fuck?" Chris pulls him into the shower (in his white underwear) and the two begin to kiss and grope passionately. The shower is turned off and the action continues with hot full out twink-crazed sex. Ahh... to be young! SCENE 5 - TONY DOUGLAS and JAKE LYONS
Tony Douglas has come to the garage to check on his truck and Jake Lyons greets him indicating that the parts will not be in for a couple more weeks. Tony is aggravated, but Jake believes he can make things better by asking "So... You Wanna Fuck?" to which Tony forgets all about his parts problem. This is some of the best sex on film--these guys are full on exhibitionist who know they are being filmed! They don't need viagra when they know that YOU are watching!
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