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Maximus Studios - BEACH BOYS
analcondomsoralhunksmuscleyoung bloodslatinosgroup sex
Director Paolo Desantos invites you on an erotic tour of the Brazilian coastline, where gorgeous island boys demonstrate the liberal sexuality that Brazil is famous for amidst lush tropical forests, remote waterfalls, and on private beaches and yachts. This big-budget movie offers production values as stunning as the beauty of its athletically built men.

1. Kayak Lovin’  
Victor Manzini OrAt, Douglas Masters OgAb
At the beach, in the shade among large gray boulders, Victor Manzini (necklace, left bracelet, small tattoo on right side, black and white trunks) solos for a while, then is sucked by and tops Douglas Masters (brown, big muscles, blue trunks).

2. The Construction Zone  
Dennys (Cult) OrAt, Adam Persio OgAb
In a basement storeroom, by a red ladder, next to a flight of steps with yellow-paned double doors, Dennys (short spiky hair, right leather wristband) is sucked by and then tops Adam Persio (red hardhat, green coverall, brown hair on his forehead) on the stairs, over a white cube, and on the floor.

3. On the Rocks (Maximus)  
Alan Marcelo OrAt, Marcelo Toniette OgAb
First Alan Marcelo (long blondish hair, big black tattoo on left chest, black baseball cap, black trunks) is soloing on a sail boat; so is Marcelo Toniette (massive tattoo of stars, etc., on right arm, shoulder and right shoulder blade, blue and white trunks, neck chain, right black wristband) on his rubber inflatable; they get together on a brown sand beach among big boulders; Marcelo Toneiette sucks Alan Marcelo (now in red and blue bermudas, still with the black baseball cap, left metal bracelet); Alan Marcelo tops.

4. A Bear Caught Fishing  
Arnold (Barreto) OgAbRg, Alex Bad Boy OrAt
On the deck of a sail boat, Alex Bad Boy (black goatee, balding, fleshy, tan rain hat, red trunks, long black tattoo on right side) solos a while;  Arnold (smooth, muscular, short curly brown hair, no tattoos) comes on board and rims and sucks Alex; Alex tops Arnold.

5. Beach Boys  
Alan Willian OgrAbt, Bruno Stigmata OgrAtb, Wendal Max Ogr
After Alan solos for a while between some big rocks, later on a white sand beach, on flimsy aluminum lawn chairs, after eating watermelon, Alan Willian (narrow tattoo around left biceps, scorpion tattoo on right side, white trunks with blue stripy decoration), Bruno Stigmata (frosted hair, necklace, blue trunks, suntan oil on his shoulders), and Wendal Max (blond, black trunks, red band on left wrist) suck:  Alan sucks Bruno; Bruno, sitting, sucks Alan, standing, as Wendal, kneeling, sucks Bruno; Bruno sucks Alan and Wendal; Wendal sucks Alan and Bruno; Alan sucks Wendal and Bruno; Bruno tops Alan on a chair and then on the sand, as Alan sucks Wendal;[on the back cover Alan tops Bruno as well.
found in compilation Muscle Beach (GuysGoHard)

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 2:05:27
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