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Family Dick - Family Man Ch 2 The Swear Jar 720p
Family Dick - Family Man Ch 2 The Swear Jar

When Little Lance gets wrapped up in his video games, he tends to become a littleĀ… aggressive.

When he starts cursing at the top of his lungs while playing, his strict step dad is hardly amused.
He makes the foul-mouthed kid put a dollar in the swear jar, but when the boy chucks the barrel of bucks on the floor, his stepdad decides to take the punishment to a new level.

He makes the boy put his filthy mouth on his hard cock, gagging him for a slobbery blowjob.
Then he barebacks the boy's tight hole to instill a little extra discipline for good measure.

A nice helping of hot cum will make sure Lance remembers to be a good boy in the future!
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