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Coat Kuratatsu - Fine 68 - Kawaii Boy男の子
JapanesemaskedcondomAnal/Oral SexFellatioFingeringHandjobMasturbationSoloFetish trinketTeenaged persons
Japanese boys in action

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Coat Company, Kuratatsu
Genres: Asian, Anal/Oral Sex, Fellatio, Fingering, Handjob, Masturbation, Solo, Fetish trinket, Teenaged persons


1. メイン18018才、ド緊張の初撮影でチンコ見せに大抵抗!強引にパンツをおろされズル剥け公開の羞恥!それでも感じてエロ汁射精!
2. 巨根ツル肌バスケ少年18018才、スッポリ仮性が電マ雄フェラの快感で…イキリ立つデカマラ!
3. 64イマドキヤンチャ18419才、初アナル解禁!初フェラでえずく!アナル拡張に悶えるノンケのリアル反応!容赦の無い腰振り
4. スリ筋テニス18521才、を流すとムクムク反応!雄責めの快楽に肩まで越える豪快発射!
5. 高校卒業したての童貞サッカー少年18才、超敏感な即勃ちピュアチンコ!初めてのフェラ体験にエロ声あげて暴発寸前!
6. 巨根ツル肌バスケ少年18才、無毛アナルを初ガン掘られ!掘られながらも終始ビン勃ちの巨根ユサユサ!デカすぎて正常位で魔の口!

In the summer new work, four amateur giant moe men debut at once!
Main model is tall 180 Imadoki Stylish ultra small face handsome twinkle 18 years old!
I refused to take off my underwear with tension! It became exposed to the end of the negotiations, it is a superbly thumping dick which does not become a face!
A total of 5 people at the culmination, including the first two anal parts to be digged, all six parts!

1. Main  18 years old, a great resistance to show dick at first shot of de stress! Pull down pants forcibly and shave off public shame! Still feeling erotic jj ej!
2. Big crane skin basketball boy 18018 years old, with a pleasure sensation of Shippolic pseudo Femera blowjob ... Ikiri standing deca!
3. 64 Imadoki Yancha 18419 year old, first anal banning! First blowjob in the blowjob! Real reaction of an agony troubled by anal expansion Enchanted waist swing
While warping his face to face, the dick reacts ... It is digged and it is Iki! Pakuri Open all round looking ass hole!
4. Slim muscle tennis 18 years old, Mukumuuku reaction when flowing! Pleasure of the torture blame rush over to the shoulder raging fire!
5. Vocal soccer boys who have just graduated from high school 18 years old, supersensitive quick-pure pure cincho! Erotic voices of the first blowjob experience and it is on the verge of violence!
6. Big Crane Crane Basketball 18 Years Old, Hairless Anal is First Gun Digged! Big Bottom of Bin Yuza Yusa Ever Longer Than Digging!
I'm digging with a sensitive anal that will make me feel like Iki! I also challenge my first blowjob! (Google transl)
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