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Jacob, 19 years old, straight, really cute & naturally smooth. Pretty much the standard definition of a twink. Well maybe if he were gay, right? Sweet Young Cum -

Jacob’s first sexual experience with another dude came a while back here at Cum Club. Aaron serviced and sucked off this young hottie. Before that, he said he had never blown his load in anyone’s mouth before, male or female. After feeding a dude his load, Jacob said he’s hooked! He couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to do it again.

Sweet Young Cum - When Seth heard about Jacob wanting to shoot another load, he volunteered to suckoff & swallow Jacobs young spunk. Sweet Young Cum -

Jacob loses his clothes & Seth moves in to get a taste of his cock. It’s not long before Seth whips out his own dick and starts jacking himself while sucking on Jacob’s sweet pole.
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