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William Higgins - Boda Nurak - MASSAGE
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Released June 3, 2018

Boda Nurak is a very handsome and well built straight guy. He is in for a massage and strips down to his underwear, showing off that hot body. He lays the table to await the masseur who soon arrives. The masseur takes some oil and starts to work on those big shoulders. The hands massage the neck and shoulders and down the back. The hands glide all over the muscled back and onto the arms too. The underwear is pushed down a little, exposing Boda's sexy ass. The hands work on the ass cheeks too. Then the underwear is removed completely, exposing the hairy crack. More oil is dripped onto that hot ass and rubbed in, spreading the cheeks in the process. The hands work on the legs too and down to the feet, oiling too as the massage continues. Reaching between the thick thighs the hands adjust Boda's cock. Then they spread that hot ass too. Reaching between the legs again a hand wanks on Boda's dick a little. Boda moves onto his knees, spreading the ass cheeks naturally. His cock is wanked between his legs as the ass is rubbed too. The cock grows nicely and that hot ass hole is rubbed with oil. Then a finger slips into the tight hole and gently fucks it. It explores deep in that tight hole. Then Boda turns over and lays on his back to have that beautiful chest massaged with oil too. The cock is wanked again and gets good and hard in the process. It is soon so hard and needs to cum, releasing the hot cream onto Boda's sexy body.
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