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Raging Stallion - The Red and the Black
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An exploration of passion and power, hunger and compulsion, flesh and fury. A journey to the edge of bad ass through a landscape of filthy desires. This is a compendium of unrepentant kink illustrated by buffed and butch supermen determined to astound and amaze. Starring Stallion's monuments to big-dicked, gym-pumped might, the Centurion Muscle towers of power, exclusives Ken Braun and Erik Hunter. Steamy visions of dark and forbidding fetish fantasies, stunningly performed by majestic muscular mountains of mean manflesh, that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Brought to you by the world-renowned legendary Master of Macho who demonstrates once again, how to turn men into magical oversexed gods!

1. Danny Mann, Colin West
It begins like a dream, camera drifting into an abstract space...gliding over 2 very different versions of hot muscle. One , DANNY MANN, is a genuine musclebear deluxe, whose pumped furry pecs reveal the way down to the bulging ripped crotch of his jeans. The other (in his debut performance), COLIN WEST, is a smooth and tribal-inked musclepunk who presents himself in just boots and a jock that cradles an ass that the gods made by hand. The two hunks fall into each other like a well of sleaze as COLIN services and surrenders to MANN's carnal and corporal demands. From blowjob to beatings through to fucking and creaming these men consume each other with a symbiotic hunger. DANNY abuses and nails WEST in over a half dozen ways before the filthy whores have had enough. Each stud uses up every drop of the other in a mind-boggling display of feral behavior. By the cumshot, even the camera was dripping.

2. Erik Hunter , Nick Piston
Next we come in on the spectacular tableau of horse-hung ,mega-muscled powerstud ERIK HUNTER and, demonstrating what happens when bad boys become bad men, NICK PISTON. Let's be very clear from the beginning, this scene is about 2 things: HUNTER's dick and PISTON's ass, each obsessed with the other. This is a study on the feeding of sexual compulsions as these hyper-horned sexhounds tear into each other like starving men at a beef buffet. NICK slurps down ERIK's massive manhood with his mouth and ass and HUNTER devours our tattooed butt-boy's sweet hole, then unmercifully pounds him like a jack hammer looking for gold. The energy that explodes from them threatens to burn right through the screen in a scene whose sexual inertia will overwhelm you. Make sure you have plenty of lube handy or risk severe penile chafing!

3. Danny Mann, Ken Braun
The mood grows darker as we fade into our next scene. It's ominous and dangerous and all those things we are supposed to be afraid of but secretly yearn for. Here we find DANNY MANN again, this time in a different position, playing whipping boy to muscle daddy supreme KEN BRAUN. The two waste no time and MANN hangs onto a post, presenting his back to the flogging skills of BRAUN. The camera swoops and dives around the action, peering from hidden spaces capturing every swing of this ballet of power and will. DANNY turns the tables and it's KEN's turn to give up the goods--in this case, his rock-hard muscle ass. First with hefty dildos, then with a determined dick, BRAUN's butt takes a bombardment of epic proportions, proving versatility can mean a lot of things. When the two climax, even the building lets go a sigh.

4. Nick Piston, Ken Braun, Danny Mann, Erik Hunter
Now for the finale, and a grand little clusterfuck it is. BRAUN, PISTON and MANN are attacking each other like sex monkeys, licking dicks, pits, & holes, and puffing cigars like queer teamsters under the docks. You can almost smell the sweat, rubber, smoke and leather. Then, as if this wasn't enough, HUNTER joins in and the tribe of horny cock-seekers revs into an oral frenzy whose sucking creates a tangible vacuum and draws you in. The action evolves to cock and ball torture, clothespins, and titplay, with each member showcasing a special talent or skill. This all culminates in a bit between BRAUN and PISTON that you will have to see to believe. Then it's back to fucking. This time it's a group train on ERIK's butt, whose muscles grab PISTON's cock so tight it yanks off the condom just in time for him to shoot all over the mahogany ass. The rest of the cast follows suit in a hormone-soaked series of cascading money shots, and we are left drifting back into the blackness.
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