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William Higgins - Str8 Hell - Airport Security - Mate More, Danek Gyor & Ondra Radni
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STR8HELL : Airport Security
Ondra Radni, Mate More & Danek Gyor

June 06, 2014

In this great new Airport Security scene we have three wonderful guys, security guards Danek Gyor and Ondra Radni with their prisoner Mate More. We find Danek as he is pushing Mate into a cell and beginning an inspection of his luggage. Danek is joined by Ondra who immediately pulls Danek out of the cell and begins to pat him down. Not satisfied he pulls Mate's tee shirt off. Danek opens Mate's jeans and pushes them down. Soon his is taking Mate's shorts down too and squatting to check out his cock as Ondra restrains the prisoner. They turn Mate around and begin to check his ass too, spreading the cheeks in the process. The inpection gets interesting as Mate is turned again and Danek begins to suck on his cock. That cock soon responds, getting nice and hard. They push Mate down on his haunches as both Danek and Ondra pull out their own stiff cocks. Mate is made to suck each cock, taking turns on them. As they are sucked Ondra and Danek kiss each other. Mate is turned again and this time Danek starts to finger his hole. His finger is quickly replaced by his big, stiff cock as he fucks Mate, who also has to suck on Ondra's cock. Ondra wants to fuck too and Mate has his legs up on the shoulder, for easy access, as he holds onto Danek for support. Ondra really works that tight hole, going in nice and deep. Mate moans all the while and is soon on his knees taking Danek's dick again. Then it is Ondra's turn again and he fucks that sexy ass, pulling out just in time to dump his hot cum all over it. He sucks on Danek's cock too and is rewarded with another big load, all over his chest. Mate grabs his own cock, which is still rock hard and wanks it to a climax, shooting his cream over the floor. He is then shoved by in his cage and locked in as our sexy guards take their leave.

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